Going Green in Style

Best materials for a cleaner, eco-friendly facility

Craving a “green” makeover? Creating a more eco-friendly, clean facility may not require a complete overhaul. Today’s market is full of non-toxic and sustainable materials that can greatly improve maintenance with some simple swaps. Consider our cheat sheet below for your own sustainable transformation.

green styleFresh Coat:
Choosing the right paint goes far beyond finding the perfect shade for that statement wall. Many paint solutions still contain volatile organic compounds (known as VOCs), which can emit for months, affecting your respiratory health with chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene. Instead, opt for low or zero-VOC paints, which now prove just as durable as conventional formulas. They also come in glossy and flat finishes that are easy to clean. Look for the Green Seal stamp of approval.


green styleClean Sweep:
Eco-consciousness has transformed flooring, offering options that are low-toxic, sustainable, hypoallergenic and easier to maintain. From carpets made from recycled materials, to concrete in creative finishes, there’s no need to sacrifice style for sustainability and durability. Whatever you choose, pay attention to the material’s cleaning needs, which may require harsh chemicals, or high energy and water use. For a breakdown of the pros and cons, check out our guide.



Bright Idea:
Though lighting may be the priciest ticket item for any eco-conscious makeover, there are still affordable ways to improve maintenance and energy efficiency. Arrange your space for maximum exposure of natural light, which may reduce your interior lighting needs. For your facility’s standard lighting systems, also consider LED retrofit bulbs and fixtures where possible. There are more possibilities than ever, as even LED retrofit options are available for ubiquitous fluorescent tube lighting. Many models offer a 40 percent reduction in energy consumption over all. The longer lifespan of LED lights also means fewer replacements.