SparkleTeam Commercial Cleaning Service Testimonials

For over 20 years SparkleTeam has been providing unprecedented, green and sustainable commercial cleaning services to South Florida commercial properties. We love feedback! Please visit our contact page to submit any feedback you may have!

Below are a few of our loyal and happy customers. Because we respect the privacy of our customers, all letters are on file and available upon request:

“Extension of property management…”

“Floors were shining when we came in this morning…”

“The President, Quality Control personnel, head of our building cleaning… are all accessible, responsive and visible to us!”

“It is nice to enter our office daily, to see clean…”

“I did an extensive evaluation of janitorial service providers… and chose SparkleTeam…”

“I have been in commercial real estate management for over 20 years and have had the opportunity to work with a number of vendors in all areas including janitorial. Prior to my joining —————- I did an extensive evaluation of janitorial service providers for the buildings that I was handling and chose SparkleTeam. Once SparkleTeam took over my buildings, the change was instant and the work was excellent.

When I joined ———-, I was very pleased to find that SparkleTeam was the Service Provider. I am very satisfied with their work, our tenants are happy and our buildings are very clean. We are just opening a brand new building next week and there was no question who we would choose for our Janitorial Service Provider.”

Thank you! – J.R.

“It’s been a few months now since the new cleaning company took over the building and I want to offer feedback on their services thus far. Simply, this company has performed their services as desired. It is nice to enter our office daily, to see “clean.” I don’t wonder any more, as I turn the door handle to walk in, if the floors are stained with dirty mop water.

The Service Provider regularly stops in to ask me if everything is ‘ok’ and if there are any problems with his crews’ work. This company [SparkleTeam] simply does what is contracted and they have been doing a great job!”

Thank you! – M.H.

“SparkleTeam in its’ tenured relationship with ———— of managed buildings, is a valued Janitorial vendor who services our tenants and buildings needs in a first class professional manner in terms of both product and service. Both are integral in being a day to day hands on extension of property management of which the building patrons can confidently turn to for their janitorial needs.

All of SparkleTeam’s representatives are professionally uniformed, friendly, and embody the “can do” attitude of pleasing the end user whether it be a tenant, management, or a visitor to the buildings. Constantly looking to improve service, SparkleTeam utilizes real time digital follow up Quality Control Assessment with management feedback and their customer service help desk is timely and diligent with response.”

Thank you! – D.W.

“I just had to write to you and say WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The Service Provider’s attention to detail was very much noticed by our staff and clients. The kitchen floors were shining when we came in this morning. I know they must have worked. We are VERY pleased with our decision in switching over to Sparkle Team and appreciate the efforts your staff puts in to please your customers. It is such a great way to start the month.”

Thank you! – G.R.

“We have been delighted with the services of SparkleTeam for about six years now. SparkleTeam keeps a high profile meaning their key influence on us, as a customer, is communication and getting the job done. The President, Quality Control personnel, head of our building cleaning and maintenance service, plus the day porter and night cleaning people, along with the accounting department, are all accessible, responsive and visible to us! Over the years we have had many tenants moving in and out and with each event we rely on SparkleTeam to be on call for special needs as they arise in this business. Thankfully, we are at about 98% capacity in both our buildings but along with all these tenants are many demands and expectations. The SparkleTeam is so good at what they do, provide excellent customer service and attention to detail, that it helps us maintain happy and well cared for tenants! Sharing the restrooms with so many tenants can be a challenge but the Team department not only makes on site visits to our tenants but distributes a survey to hear our tenants comments, suggestions and, if there is an issue, be proactive in addressing a concern.

Another reason we feel SparkleTeam stands above the rest is the fact that they are a ‘green’ company. Recycling and reducing our carbon footprint is important to ———- Companies and a concept our tenants share. SparkleTeam is not only the leader in building maintenance, but a valuable contributor to the business community by sharing information and sponsoring local charity organizations. As you can see, I depend on SparkleTeam to make my job easier and save our company money. They do a fabulous job in all areas. In conclusion, ———- Companies is pleased to wholeheartedly recommend SparkleTeam for all of your cleaning and maintenance needs. ”

Thank you and best of luck with your business! – G.L.

LEED-Based Green Cleaning

with Technology Driven Support

LEED-Based Green Cleaning

LEED-Based Green Cleaning

with Technology Driven Support

with Technology Driven Support