Foolproof your Restroom

Simple ways to protect your facility’s restroom from misuse and abuse


Restrooms remain the most challenging spaces to maintain in a building, as both a high-traffic hotspot and potential health hazard. Now the task proves more difficult than ever, according to a recent consumer survey from Georgia Pacific, which found public restrooms are the primary target for property damage and abuse.

Restroom conditions deeply impact public perception, so protecting your restroom also means protecting your facility’s reputation. With this in mind, we break down the subtle ways to foolproof your restroom from daily wear and tear, as well as misuse.

Follow the “Broken Window” theory

Coined in 1982 by academics James Q. Wilson and George Kelling, the “Broken Window” theory argues that surroundings with visible signs of disarray will only encourage further damage and misuse. Under this theory, a pristine bathroom will tacitly encourage users to keep it that way, while a messy one will attract more lax treatment. Think unflushed toilets, misplaced trash, and graffitied stalls.

Regular cleaning and maintenance make the best defense against chronic misuse. In addition to the usual night cleaning schedules, day porter services would provide an extra layer of care during restrooms’ peak traffic hours. Restrooms also need to smell clean as well. Anti-mold and mildew treatments alongside regular drain flushing can prevent common unpleasant smells.

Let your restroom work for you

Mess proves inevitable no matter how well a restroom is maintained. But smart tweaks can help preserve a restroom’s appearance between daily cleanings. For example, automatic flushing sensors can help keep toilets clear. Automated soap and paper towel dispensers neatly distribute only what’s needed, helping reduce mess from overuse. For toilet paper, controlled delivery dispensers achieve similar effects. Sensor controlled faucets can also adjust water flow to reduce water splatter.

The right cleaning products can also actively maintain restroom conditions between daily cleanings. Eco-friendly bio-enzymatic products keep working long after their first application, by continuing to actively break down soils and smells for days afterwards. Antimicrobial cleaners also not only remove mold and mildew, but also add invisible protection against further growth.

Empower restroom users to help themselves

Occupants can’t play their part as responsible users without proper supplies of toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap and hand sanitizers. Keeping restrooms constantly well stocked with these hygiene products encourages good behavior. Smart dispensers equipped with sensors can keep track of supply levels in real time.

At SparkleTeam, we can completely oversee your inventory of consumables to ensure your restroom never runs out. Our options for bio-renewable or recycled paper goods can also help reduce your restroom’s overall carbon footprint.