Bathroom Beautiful:

Protecting the first line of defense this flu seasonbathroom beautiful

From bright fixtures to gleaming floors, there’s nothing like a sparkling bathroom. The mere appearance of cleanliness, however, may not be enough. Maintaining a healthy environment should be the top priority. During this flu season, optimize your commercial bathroom for the wellbeing of its users with these fresh ideas below.

Design in Mind:
Often a clean bathroom starts at the design phase, focusing on choices that reduces interaction with surfaces. Consider touchless technologies, for faucets, soap dispensers, toilets, and light switches. Good drainage and ventilation also prove crucial. Circulating air removes odors and bacteria-loving moisture, while drains take away any standing liquids that could prove hazardous. Making these installations up front will help improve your facility’s maintainability.

Keeping Clean:
Effective commercial bathroom cleaning should have a two-prong approach, tackling both deep-cleaning needs as well as the daily maintenance requirements. For day-to-day concerns, certain hot spots should be the primary focus for cleaning and disinfecting, such as toilets, floors, counters, disposal containers, dispensers, sinks and fixtures. A daily cleaning schedule should be established, both targeting touch-ups during the day as well as after-hour needs. Preventing cross contamination is also crucial, so discuss with your cleaning provider about the equipment and techniques used to prevent this.

Fresh Hands:
Good health starts with healthy habits, and promoting regular hand washing is the perfect example of this. Keeping clean hands, however, does not require the harsh antibacterial soaps and disinfectants that may irritate and discourage users. Foaming soaps free of fragrance and dye are easy to use, are less likely to cause irritation, and are effective at removing dirt and germs. Providing hand sanitizers can also prove convenient, though not as effective as thorough cleansing with soap and water.