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Commercial Janitorial Services

LEED-Based Green Cleaning Program for Janitorial Services

Providing the most technologically advanced green products and highly innovative sustainable practices to every building or property we service is SparkleTeam’s core focus.

Superior Business Cleaning Services for the Same Cost as a Traditional Janitorial Cleaning Service

SparkleTeam has been providing business cleaning services to the South Florida area for over 20 years and is considered the leader in green and sustainable commercial building services. One of the many benefits of implementing SparkleTeam’s LEED-Based Green Cleaning Program in your building is improved indoor air quality which provides a healthier, safer and more enjoyable place to work and visit. Our team of dedicated cleaning professionals is fully equipped with the expertise and tools to address the unique cleaning needs of various industries. Whether you run a bustling office, a medical facility,  or any other commercial establishment, we have the knowledge and experience to tailor our janitorial services to your specific requirements. As a locally rooted business, we are deeply invested in the success of our South Florida community. We strive to contribute positively by not only delivering exceptional janitorial services but also by championing sustainable practices that benefit both our clients and the environment.

How are we doing?  See the awards won by some of the buildings serviced by SparkleTeam!

SparkleTeam’s LEED-Based Green Cleaning Program includes the use of the following products and practices:

SparkleTeam’s LEED-Based Green Cleaning Program includes the use of the following products and practices:

  • Use of micro-fiber tools to capture and remove dirt, germs and bacteria from surfaces and to prevent cross-contamination.

  • Training and supervision of SparkleTeam crews in the use of environmentally preferred products and sustainable practices.

  • Utilization of CRI labeled vacuums with HEPA filters to improve IAQ (indoor air quality).

  • Use of environmentally preferred & third party certified products such as Green Seal, EcoLogo, DfE, and GREENGUARD.

  • Monitor compliance and efficiency through monthly site surveys (see below).

 A Janitorial Cleaning Service You Can Trust: Technology Driven Quality Assurance

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop worrying about the quality of your cleaning service? At SparkleTeam, we have the tools and experience to give you the support you’ve been waiting for. With SparkleTeam as your janitorial service partner, you can have confidence that your workspace will consistently reflect the professionalism, cleanliness, and excellence your business deserves.

Prior to the start of our janitorial service, SparkleTeam Quality Management will work with you to specify your cleaning and building maintenance requirements. Quality Management then conducts monthly inspections to ensure that your property is being maintained and cleaned accordingly. We also offer you the option to allow us to periodically survey tenants to ensure satisfaction of every occupant.

Site Survey Reports, as shown on left, are industry leading and created utilizing SparkleTeam’s proprietary Quality Management software. Site Survey Reports are automatically generated on-site and immediately sent to the Property Manager, SparkleTeam Customer Service, and the Service Provider for follow up.

How does this benefit you? By having “eyes and ears” on the property along with a detailed analysis which you can share with others at the click of a button. Get ready to experience a whole new level of cleanliness and satisfaction – because you deserve nothing less.

Visit our Quality Management page for more information

Technology Driven Support for Janitorial Cleaning Services

Our Commercial Janitorial Service Includes:

  • General Cleaning:Dusting and wiping surfaces, including desks, tables, countertops, and shelves. Cleaning and sanitizing restroom facilities, including sinks, toilets, mirrors, and fixtures. Emptying trash and replacing liners. Vacuuming and/or sweeping and mopping floors to maintain cleanliness.
  • Floor Care: Detailed floor cleaning, including vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and spot cleaning. Carpet cleaning, stain removal, and regular maintenance. Hard floor care, including strip and refinish, machine scrubs, and sealant application.
  • Window Cleaning: Cleaning and polishing windows,  glass panels and surfaces for a clear, streak-free view. Interior window cleaning.
  • Specialized Cleaning: Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, and handrails. Detail-oriented cleaning for areas that require extra attention, like vents, blinds, and baseboards.
  • Green Cleaning: Use of environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products to promote a healthy workspace.Implementation of eco-friendly practices that reduce the environmental impact.
  • Common Areas: Cleaning and maintaining common areas, lobbies, waiting rooms, and shared spaces to create a positive first impression.
  • Kitchen and Break Rooms: Cleaning and sanitizing kitchen areas, including countertops, sinks, appliances, and communal spaces. Emptying trash, cleaning microwave ovens, and maintaining cleanliness.
  • Emergency Cleaning: Prompt response to emergency cleaning needs, such as spills, accidents, and unexpected incidents.
  • Customized Cleaning Plans: Tailoring our services to fit your specific requirements, schedule, and budget. Adjusting the cleaning plan as your needs change or evolve.

 A Business Cleaning Services Committed to Security and Safety

Security and safety are paramount considerations when it comes to providing business janitorial services. At SparkleTeam, we understand that maintaining a secure and safe environment is a must. That’s why we’ve implemented a comprehensive set of measures to ensure security and safety of each building we service:

  • Tools that are designed to ensure locks are secured and alarms are set, if applicable

  • Background checks and screening

  • Adherence to OSHA Standards

  • SDS (Safety Data Sheets) in every janitor’s closets for every product used on-site

  • Caution signage for proper floor maintenance

LEED-Based Green Cleaning

with Technology Driven Support

South Florida Area We Serve

At Sparkleteam, we proudly provide our top-notch janitorial services to various areas across South Florida. Our dedicated cleaning professionals are committed to ensuring that your workspace shines and remains a clean and healthy environment. Here are some of the South Florida areas we serve:

Broward County:

Palm Beach County:

Northern Miami Dade County

LEED-Based Green Cleaning

LEED-Based Green Cleaning

with Technology Driven Support

with Technology Driven Support