Interior Window Cleaning

Interior Window Cleaning

Storefront, multi-tenant buildings, and commercial buildings are many of the different types of facilities we offer window cleaning to. We use only industry-specific window cleaning agents and materials to deliver streak-free results and impeccable clarity you can count on. SparkleTeam Service Providers remove the residue and dirt from window frames, sills and tracks (SparkleTeam only cleans interior windows that are reachable without a ladder and we do not service outside windows). SparkleTeam’s window cleaning method uses the USGBC’s LEED-based cleaning practices for a healthier and more sustainable environment.

Why Interior Window Cleaning Matters

Interior window cleaning is an important aspect of janitorial services, especially in commercial buildings, offices, and common areas. From towering office buildings to bustling commercial complexes in sunny South Florida, the interior windows of any space serve as portals to natural light and exterior views. Sunlight streams through the windows with a dazzling intensity, casting radiant beams that dance across the interiors of buildings. However, over time, these windows accumulate dust, dirt, fingerprints, and smudges, diminishing their clarity and aesthetic appeal. South Florida’s humidity plays a part too, as it can cause condensation and moisture buildup on interior windows. That’s where SparkleTeam steps in.

Types of Glass We Clean

Our interior window cleaning service isn’t limited to just standard windows. We understand that modern architecture incorporates a wide array of glass features, each requiring specialized care. Whether it’s glass inserts in doors, small glass panels in partition walls, or sleek glass countertops in commercial spaces, SparkleTeam has the expertise to tackle them all.

  • Standard Windows: From floor-to-ceiling panoramas to quaint bay windows, we ensure that every standard window receives meticulous attention, leaving behind a streak-free shine that enhances the overall ambiance of any room.

  • Glass Inserts: Whether adorning office doors or interior partitions, glass inserts add sophistication to any space. Our team delicately cleans these inserts, removing fingerprints and smudges to maintain transparency and elegance.

  • Small Glass Panels: In modern office environments, small glass panels often serve as decorative elements. SparkleTeam’s skilled technicians adeptly clean these panels, restoring their pristine clarity and contributing to an open and inviting atmosphere.

  • Glass Countertops: In commercial settings such as reception areas, glass countertops make a bold statement. Our cleaning professionals employ specialized techniques to eliminate dust and grime, ensuring that these surfaces gleam with professionalism and sophistication.

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