A Safer (Greener) Holiday Kitchen

holiday kitchenThe office kitchen can be a festive space this time of year, as a space to share food and prepare for staff celebrations. However, this party spirit may create a greater demand on your green cleaning program. Prepare for the holiday season with your cleaning providers with these safety and eco-conscious tips below.

Safer Surfaces

Common commercial chemicals used to clean surfaces can be dangerous when used around food. From a safety standpoint, using greener cleaning solutions becomes more essential than ever during the holiday season. Discuss with your cleaning provider about using certified green-cleaning products in your kitchen. This is particularly important on the counters and sinks. Look for Green Seal, EcoLogo, Safer Choice, or GREENGUARD certifications to ensure you are using truly eco-friendly products. Also, make sure your provider incorporates other effective tools, like microfiber cloths, which require less chemicals to clean.

Recycle Rescue 

During the holidays, thanks to additional food and decorations, trash production can increase exponentially, making it difficult to sustain your facility’s recycling program. Encourage recycling in the kitchen with a well-managed system. Make sure you have enough recycling receptacles to manage the uptick, and arrange with your cleaning provider to service them more regularly. Also encourage your team to explore recycling-friendly options for their celebrations, like recycled plates, utensils and decorations. Find more information here about boosting your recycling program.

Heathy Hands 

Food safety among your staff should be emphasized more than ever this time of year, as they prepare sweet treats. Encouraging regular and thorough hand-washing however, proves difficult with common commercials hand cleansers that are harsh on the skin. Instead, opt for all-natural liquid soaps and alcohol-free hand sanitizers, and make sure dispensers are regularly monitored and re-stocked. Nothing discourages compliance like an empty dispenser. Check out our guide on the best hand cleaners here.