shutterstock_270839960When property managers have been asked to identify the specific green building attributes important to tenants, they collectively express the view that green buildings, “provide some value”, and most state that they value the  environmental benefits and energy savings.  The environmental benefit of clean indoor air on allergies, when using  green cleaning practices is sometimes overlooked.  A surprising statistic from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation is  that 60 million people have allergies or asthma, hence one in five people suffer from allergies.

One simple way to minimize allergy concerns is by checking the type of vacuums used in your building.   The older,  traditional vacuums collect and then spread dirt, bacteria and allergens; only HEPA filter vacuums remove all three, leaving the air cleaner and healthier.  Statistics and research support this as provided by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s vacuum cleaner testing criteria.

Skin allergies are often caused by a chemical that comes in contact with skin, to include any residue left on surfaces after cleaning, such as desks or counter tops.  It is best to avoid anything that has strong noxious odors such as ammonia and by ensuring third party certified products are used, including Green Seal  or EcoLogo.  Environmentally health-conscience products are safe and effective, and reduce or eliminate any negative impact from cleaning on human health and the environment resulting in happier, healthier tenants.  Do you know what’s is in your closet?