What Facility Managers Care About Most
for Commercial Cleaning

What facility managers nationwide value most from their commercial cleaning provider

facility managers and commercial cleaning

A lot can change in two years’ time, a fact facility executives know all too well. The rapidly shifting commercial real estate landscape affects how managers can choose essential contract services like cleaning, sometimes in unpredictable ways. Collaborating with Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI), the latest biennial report from Contracting Profits gives new insight into these changing demands, asking managers across the country what matters most when choosing a cleaning contractor. Their replies reveal major shifts in priorities, becoming a possible bellwether for the current decade. Here, we break down the most relevant finds, and how this could reflect your current needs and concerns.

No More Hygiene Theater

Fewer facilities managers value adding “infection control procedures” like mass disinfection to their cleaning services. About 40% of respondents listed this as a priority, a decline of 14% from the previous survey in 2021. The change feels inevitable, considering the heightened public health concerns during that period when compared to current conditions. More managers also understand the superior effectiveness of targeted disinfection, which focuses on high-touch areas, and only broadens disinfection following a confirmed outbreak.

More Cleaning By Daylight

While decreasing excess disinfection, more facility managers now value greater cleaning visibility of cleaning teams, opting for more day cleaning services. Compared to only 10% in 2021, now 18% of respondents prefer day cleaning. And 51% opt for night cleaning, but with a day porter still on site. This could stem from the current push towards more in-person work. The increased visibility may help assuage employees’ outstanding health concerns, while also maximizing cleanliness and comfort.

Tentative About Tech Automation

The survey shows a slow, but steadily increasing interest in automation trends. About 15% of respondents plan to install restroom IoT (Internet of Things) systems, which can track supply levels and send service alerts, compared to 9% in 2021. From a mere 10% in 2021, now 20% of respondents would choose “a cleaning provider that offers robotics or autonomous equipment.” However, despite improved robotic sensors and data collection, the technology remains inapplicable for some buildings, as a similar portion of respondents (27%) said such tech wouldn’t work in their facility.

Prices Under Pressure

Price overall grew increasingly important among facility managers surveyed. “Low Cost” moved from fourth to third place as respondents’ top priority when choosing a cleaning provider. The report attributes this to rising operational costs and mortgage rates, both straining facility management budgets. Commercial cleaning services must also negotiate the rising prices of basic supplies, from toilet paper to disinfectant. General labor costs are also rising. In Florida, the minimum wage increases annually by $1 every Sept. 30th, until reaching $15 an hour by 2026. At SparkleTeam, we are dedicated to balance the changing financial landscape with providing services that protect the health and well-being of facility occupants.