When the Flu meets COVID-19

How to Keep the “Twindemic” at Bay

COVID-19 Twindemic


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues in South Florida, the region now faces yet another pending public health threat—the flu virus. November to February marks the traditional flu season. Fortunately, the number of local reports remain low so far. However, this luck may not hold once Florida enters the typical height of the season between December and January.  Such a spike in flu cases will add an additional strain to the already delicate health environment for your facility. To prevent a “twindemic,”  as a simultaneous pandemic of COVID-19 and the flu in the upcoming months, we outline the simple precautions that best protect you and your team.

Choosing the Right Products:

Both the flu and COVID-19 viruses remain active on surfaces, which can become a potential source of infection. In response, a combined cocktail of cleaning and disinfection products should target both types. At SparkleTeam, we only use and apply disinfectants approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to kill both viruses on surfaces. We also follow the manufacturer’s recommended dwell time, which can vary for each product, to ensure optimum effectiveness.

EPA-Approved Disinfectants:

Disinfection can be a significant preventive measure for both the flu and COVID-19. With this is mind, our crew members apply disinfectants approved by the EPA’s disinfectant List N for use against both viruses, incorporating these protocols for both deep-cleaning sessions and daily day porter services that specifically target high-touch surfaces. To accelerate this process while expanding coverage, we also use electrostatic sprayers to distribute these disinfectants.

Education and Prevention:

Preventing the spread depends on a true collaboration with all occupants in your facility. Empower them to protect themselves by ensuring bathrooms are always fully stocked with hand soap and sanitizers to support preventive hygiene. For their convenience, install alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers in areas where contact is likely, such as entrances and exits. Medical experts also recommend people get the flu vaccination to curb the spread, so consider offering flu shots at your facility, or provide information on nearby providers.