Choosing An Effective Cleaning Service Post COVID-19

Around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of public life, from schools to offices. This new situation has forced everyone to reconfigure how to safely share spaces without endangering each other. An aggressive cleaning and disinfection program has become an essential part of this new normal. However, not all commercial cleaning providers are made equal—equipped with the necessary resources and know-how to take on these unprecedented challenges. Therefore, choosing an effective cleaning service requires a stricter set of standards. We break down the criteria to consider when selecting a cleaning company to serve as a capable health and safety partner for your commercial facility.

Substance over Surface

Cleaning post COVID-19 demands a higher standard for disinfection, with specific products and specialized equipment. An effective service will need these resources to respond to these changes. From the very beginning of the outbreak in Florida, SparkleTeam has updated its cleaning resources based on the latest governmental guidelines.

We currently only use disinfectants certified by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to kill SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Our crew members also ensure that disinfectants remain on surfaces for the manufacturer’s recommended dwell time to thoroughly kill the virus, as this time period varies depending on the product.

We have also added electrostatic disinfection sprayers to our equipment lineup. This technology has become increasingly essential for its ability to rapidly disperse disinfectant throughout large areas. In contrast to more commonly found atomizing misters and foggers, which unevenly deposit small droplets onto surfaces and leave exposed areas behind, electrostatic sprayers add a positive electric charge to the disinfectant liquid. This makes the charged liquid bind to all surfaces in the environment, ensuring even and full coverage and disinfection.

A Clear Plan

With lives on the line, your property requires an adapted cleaning methodology that explicitly focuses on disinfection, fully destroying the virus on all surfaces. This process goes beyond standard cleaning (which only removes dirt and debris) and sanitation (which reduces germs to a safe level, but does not kill the virus).

In response, we have developed a targeted disinfection protocol to combat the novel coronavirus. Our crew members trained in specialized pandemic cleanup and disinfection specific to SARS-CoV-2. This allows them to prevent cross contamination, and assess the best disinfection method for commonly found materials (such as plastics, metals and upholstery). They are also fully equipped with personal protective gear to provide maximum safety to our clients, to address specific disinfection requirements. This includes face masks, safety glasses, gloves, lap coveralls, as well as head and shoe covers.

To address the increased frequency of disinfection required during business hours to maintain safe working environments, we also offer day porter services. They can target high-touch areas on a constantly rotating basis both for common areas and offices. This ensures occupants feel their work environment is healthy and secure.

Seal of Approval

To weed out fly-by-night companies that have emerged in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, look for services with membership in established cleaning industry associations. Membership means more than adding a nice logo; it demonstrates a sustained adherence to best cleaning practices in the industry.

SparkleTeam remains committed to the highest standards as a member of both ISSA: The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association and Building Services Contractors Association International (BSCAI). These organizations have been a driving force for knowledge-based cleaning. They provide continued education and training based on the latest scientific research.

Their pandemic cleanup accreditation proves crucial, as experts learn more of the virus’ life span in different environments. This has led towards more fine-tuned comprehension of how best to prevent the spread. Membership allows us at SparkleTeam to be constantly abreast of the latest findings, and on how best to adapt to protect you and your team.