Save on Commercial Cleaning Services by Asking the Right Questions

Interviewing a new cleaning company? Locating a dependable, commercial cleaning company can take some research, and discerning who is genuinely capable of delivering on their promises of great service is worth an investment of time. Every commercial cleaning services company [...]

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Is Your Commercial Flooring Maintenance Free?

Concrete is widely recognized as a sustainable commercial flooring option, and decorative polished concrete has grown in popularity in the past few years for several reasons. As a sustainable flooring option, since it can be cleaned mechanically without the use [...]

Why Should Property Management Consider Green Cleaning Practices Important? What are the Tenant Benefits?

When property managers have been asked to identify the specific green building attributes important to tenants, they collectively express the view that green buildings, “provide some value”, and most state that they value the  environmental benefits and energy savings.  The [...]

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