Interviewing a new cleaning company? Locating a dependable, commercial cleaning company can take some research, and discerning who is genuinely capable of delivering on their promises of great service is worth an investment of time. Every commercial cleaning services company must be able to communicate with a wide variety of facility personnel, tenants, distributors (such as janitorial supply distributors so they can obtain better pricing for you) and product manufacturers (to include dispensers and their installation which can be obtained at no cost when dealing with them directly). If a cleaning service company is not willing to take the extra effort to make property management and building tenants happy, then it may be best to look elsewhere.

A good cleaning service will help improve the bottom line because it touches so much of building operations, and attention to detail will help prevent unresolved issues that can ruin the prestige of any commercial building. Choose a company that is the right fit for your facility.  With many tenants seeking a healthy atmosphere interviewing a LEED-based cleaning company is appropriate and can increase occupant satisfaction.

A cleaning company that primarily services schools may not be the best fit to clean commercial office buildings, and so on. Referrals from colleagues are a great way to find a good reliable commercial cleaning companies. Property managers deserve quality service at all times, and a reputable cleaning company will go above and beyond to document a list of what is to be cleaned, cope with tenant issues, and report safety and maintenance needs as soon as they arise. Providing another set of eyes and ears at your building is part of delivering top quality service.