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When the Flu meets COVID-19: How to Keep the Twindemic at Bay

When the Flu meets COVID-19: How to Keep the "Twindemic" at Bay As the COVID-19 pandemic continues in South Florida, the region now faces yet another pending public health threat—the flu virus. November to February marks the traditional flu season. Fortunately, the number of local reports remain low so far. However, this luck may not hold once Florida enters the typical height of the season between December and January.  Such a spike in flu cases will add an additional strain to the already delicate Read more [...]

Bathroom Beautiful

Bathroom Beautiful: Protecting the first line of defense this flu season From bright fixtures to gleaming floors, there’s nothing like a sparkling bathroom. The mere appearance of cleanliness, however, may not be enough. Maintaining a healthy environment should be the top priority. During this flu season, optimize your commercial bathroom for the wellbeing of its users with these fresh ideas below. Design in Mind: Often a clean bathroom starts at the design phase, focusing on choices that Read more [...]