COVID-19: Why Cleaning Needs to Change to Keep Us Safe

COVID-19: Why Cleaning Needs to Change to Keep Us Safe COVID-19 continues to spread throughout South Florida. The region has become one of the country’s major epicenters in this pandemic. Meanwhile, the process of developing and distributing a vaccine inoculating [...]

COVID-19: How cleaning and disinfecting helps you get back to business

To combat the spread of COVID-19, companies have closed their facilities and switched to working remotely. Though the end of the tunnel may feel far away, this quarantine won't last forever. Businesses should start planning ahead for returning to work. With this in mind, check out our COVID-19 commercial cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance checklist for getting back to business.

Prevent The Flu With These 3 Simple Cleaning Tips

Fight The Flu: Clean Your Way To Prevention Explore these cleaning strategies to prepare your facility for the flu season. Offer flu shots to employees and their families, stock up on hand sanitizers, and let those infected stay home. There are many [...]

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