Wonder Water

lquid pickWhy Liquid Ozone is the future of cleaning now
It’s a degreaser, a super surface sanitizer – and you can drink it? Liquid ozone (or aqueous ozone) stands above all as the wunderkind of green cleaning practices. An ozone machine produces this amazing cleanser, processing simple tap water with oxygen. This effective cleaning solution proves useful for multiple applications, from hard surfaces to carpets.

Though seemingly odd and science fiction-like, liquid ozone has been around for decades, used for cleaning Olympic swimming pools to sanitizing pipe water. But can it clean your hectic office or commercial space? Check out our breakdown on the facts about this wonder water, and see if liquid ozone can be a viable addition to your cleaning program.

How it works

A liquid ozone “ozonizer” machine produces liquid ozone by introducing extra oxygen atoms to regular H2O. This creates a molecular instability, forcing that extra molecule to go hunting for something else to bond to, cutting through surrounding dirt and bacteria in its search. This simple reaction gives liquid ozone its killer “kill rate.” Many studies show the cleaner acts just as effectively as hospital-grade disinfectants.

Why it’s better

Unlike many popular cleaning products, because of its baseline composition of water and oxygen molecules, liquid oxygen leaves zero residue behind – just water and oxygen. This makes it the perfect option for preserving a non-toxic, hypoallergenic environment, ideal for the modern day employer’s multiple health concerns. Quite simply, the ozone machine pumps out however much you need, whenever.

Why you can use it now

Though popular in Europe and Japan, the use of liquid ozone has lagged in American markets – primarily due to the ozonizer’s high sticker price, easily reaching the tens of thousands. Fortunately new and more portable models capable for commercial cleaning sell for $2,000 to $3,000. We also expect to see that downward price trend continue. So if you have specific cleaning requirements that could benefit from liquid ozone technology, talk to your cleaning service. No question, liquid ozone may soon be a staple for any green-conscious cleaning program.