COVID-19: Why Cleaning Needs to Change to Keep Us Safe

COVID-19 continues to spread throughout South Florida. The region has become one of the country’s major epicenters in this pandemic. Meanwhile, the process of developing and distributing a vaccine inoculating us from the virus will take months. This may not be viable until next year. Changing the way we live and work remains our best protection. This includes changing the way we clean facilities to protect occupants. Months into the crisis, we take stock of how commercial cleaning has had to transform to protect our communities from the virus, and why these changes are necessary to keep us safe for the near future.

Daily Disinfection:

To ensure a safe working environment, the frequency and scale of disinfection has had to increase, and not just on a daily basis, but throughout the day. The virus can only become fully inactivated through disinfection. Only disinfectants certified by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to kill SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, should be used. Disinfection should also focus on high-touch areas where cross-infection is more likely. This proves especially true in shared spaces such as restrooms and entrance lobbies.

Deep Cleaning:

Deep cleaning used to be considered a seasonal occurrence, perhaps held every few months during holiday breaks when facilities were occupied with fewer people. Due to the pervasiveness of SARS-CoV-2 in the environment, however, scheduling more deep cleans have become essential for providing comprehensive protection. Physical cleaning of visible dirt and grime can only remove, not kill, the virus. This step, however, proves crucial for optimum disinfection.

In addition to functioning as precautionary measures, deep cleaning and disinfection are also required if someone has tested positive for COVID-19. SparkleTeam strictly follows CDC guidelines for both preventive cleaning, as well as post-positive disinfection protocols.

New Technology:

Utilizing the latest cleaning technology has become more necessary than ever to meet these new safety thresholds. These new tools allow us to increase the speed and scale of our current disinfection process. At SparkleTeam, we have equipped our teams with the latest arsenal of cleaning and disinfection technology to meet this increased demand. We have added more electrostatic disinfection sprays to our fleet, which allow us to disinfect faster and more thoroughly in comparison to conventional hand wiping methods. We also use HEPA vacuums, which are outfitted with high-performing filters capable of trapping small particles such as viruses. This is a particularly effective method for removing infectious particles from soft surfaces, such as carpets and upholstery.

The Investment:

There’s never been a better time to invest in cleaning. A healthy and clean work environment can protect the health of employees, occupants and visitors. Taking that extra step will help alleviate employee concerns about COVID-19 and their health, which is a message employees want to hear right now.