Property management for the millennial office

open office 3Open office design, where employers share desk space, has become a popular trend thanks to its promotion of teamwork, communication and flexibility. Sharing space, however, also creates its own set of property management challenges. Employees often use the same areas for different purposes, and at different times. So maintaining clean and sanitized work zones becomes essential for preserving harmony and productivity. To get the best strategy for your open office’s unique needs, consider these tips with your clean provider.

When to Clean

The “open space” concept often applies to office hours, as employees can negotiate their work times based on the company’s needs. But this also throws the nine-to-five workday – and the customary night cleaning shift – out the window. Discuss with your staff and your property management provider about the best hours for cleaning. A near-empty workspace can be cleaned far more efficiently and thoroughly.

A completely empty office may be an exception rather than the rule in an open work space. To ensure limited workflow disruption, establish a set cleaning schedule that employees can both anticipate and work around. Be sure to also inform your staff when the schedule needs to be adjusted for more heavy-duty cleaning.

Managing Noise

Managing noise is already a major challenge in open work areas. No one needs a blaring vacuum cleaner in the mix. Discuss with your provider what quieter cleaning can be done when work and cleaning times overlaps. Also, be sure to clearly outline which time periods are best (and which are worst) for more intensive cleaning with potentially loud equipment. This means no noisy surprises for your staffers.

Communal Cleaning

Everywhere become a high traffic area when many share the same work space. Therefore, using products that are both hypoallergenic and green-friendly proves more important than ever. Be sure your provider uses non-toxic and allergen-reducing products and equipment to reduce negative health reactions. Also discuss with how your provider about how to manage health concerns, particularly during the flu season.

Everyone loves to arrive at a freshly cleaned work area. Cleaning between work periods also helps prevent cross contamination – a major concern in shared work stations and collaborative spaces. So if your office works in distinct shifts, explore whether cleaning between work flows is possible.