Healthy Hands, Naturally

hands-in-waterAll-natural flu fighting tips for clean hands in the office
With flu season still upon us, keeping clean hands becomes essential for a healthy office, with 80 percent of diseases communicable by touch. But some popular sanitizing products have harsh chemicals than can cause issues as mild as irritating dry hands, to more severe health concerns like antibiotic resistance. For an all-natural, flu-free working place, consider these useful swap-outs in your office’s daily routine.

Hand Soaps – Say no to Anti-Bacterial

Good old hand washing is the first line of defense against germs. And nothing sounds more clinically impressive than “anti-bacterial,” which has long been selling point for hand soaps in populated spaces like the office. But is it really? New research shows regular soaps are just as effective in removing 20 strains of bacteria. And that’s good news for offices trying to keep toxic-free, as anti-bacterial soap’s active ingredient, triclosan, has been linked to adverse health conditions, including antibiotic resistance, increased allergies and hormonal imbalances.

Instead, explore the growing range of all-natural liquid hand soaps – many which also exclude other allergy-irritating chemicals (because no one needs allergies on top of the flu). Just make sure to keep those soap dispensers filled and in working order.

Hand Sanitizers – Good to be Alcohol free

Placing easily accessible hand sanitizers around the office (like in restrooms or near elevators and exits) can be a great way to foster hygiene awareness among staff. Alcohol has long been the go-to ingredient for hand sanitizers, but it also causes skin dryness, which can become a major irritant with habitual use. Between colder temperatures and office air conditioning, the itching dryness of alcohol may be the last thing your employees want to use – flu or no flu.

With these concerns in mind, the market now offers a wide range of non-alcoholic sanitizers, which uses antimicrobials that offer long-lasting germ protection without drying out the skin. The popular alcohol-free foam hand sanitizers are also less expensive, which makes them perfect for buying in bulk.