Have a Flu-Free Holiday Party This Season

The holidays mark the perfect time to pause from daily routines to celebrate the end of the year in each other’s company. However, these festivities usually fall at the height of the flu season—certainly an unwelcome guest at any party. Whether you’re hosting a small get-together at home, or a big celebration at work, try these easy germ-prevention tips to make sure the flu stays uninvited. 

Healthy Surfaces:

The flu virus can survive on common surfaces for up to 24 hours. When preparing your own home for festivities, focus on target cleaning high traffic areas like counters and doorknobs to curb potential infections. Several EPA-certified disinfectants are proven to kill viruses on multiple surfaces. For commercial spaces, electrostatic spraying systems offer the latest in speedy and effective disinfectant technology. For example, the EMist electrostatic disinfectant sprayers and Clorox Total 360 electrostatic system can kill the flu virus from all surfaces in your office and help break the chain of infection.

Healthy Hands

The spread of a number of illnesses can be prevented with a clean hand regimen, so be sure to wash your hands regularly when preparing and handling food. For your guests, make sure your restrooms are fully stocked with paper towels and cleansing soap, as nothing discourages compliance like an empty dispenser. Install hand sanitizer dispensers at key locations to also provide a convenient alternative. Instead of alcohol-based solutions that can be harsh on the skin, there are alcohol-free sanitizers now available on the market, containing antimicrobials like benzalkonium chloride or natural disinfectants like tea tree oil.

Food Friendly

The holidays are a time to feast, but partaking in shared party food like chips and dip will definitely increase the risk of cross contamination. Instead, consider serving individual hors d’oeuvres in separate containers, so that guests can select for themselves without interacting with others’ portions. This includes the classic punch bowl. Drink dispensers with lids and side spouts provide safer distribution. Fun cup charms can also be used so guests can keep track of their own drinks.