3 Ways to Reduce Your Janitorial Cleaning Expense

Are you preparing the budgets for the next year?

Are you looking to reduce your janitorial cleaning expense without sacrificing the quality of service?

In this article we will discuss 3 innovative ways you can reduce expenses associated with the janitorial cleaning of your property yet retain the quality of service. 

#1 Review Cost and Value of Consumables 

Ensuring that you are getting the best value for consumables such as toilet paper, trash liners, and hand towels could save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Staying on-top of the cheater products is important to ensure a consistent quality of consumables, as well as ensuring your budget dollars are getting the best product possible.

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Over the last 5-7 years many paper and plastic manufacturers have altered product size and quality without reducing the cost. These products are known to have cheater packaging. For example, toilet paper has decreased in size per sheet that goes virtually unnoticed, however prices remain the same. Many of the junior jumbo rolls that were traditionally 1000 feet, may look the same size, however, when squeezed, the air can be felt, which in turn, reduces paper content up to 30%. Trash liners are getting a little shorter and a little thinner, so they may not hold as much trash as before.  Cheater packaging provides less product, without a price reduction!

View SparkleTeam’s article 3 Tips to Ensure the Best Value for Toilet Paper Towels and Garbage Can Liners to discover more ways to save.  

#2 Save on Water and Energy Consumption

Switching to more efficient cleaning tools such as microfiber flat mops compared to a traditional mop and bucket, will reduce water consumption. According to an *EPA case study in healthcare, the use of microfiber mops resulted in 60% lifetime cost savings, 95% reduction in chemical costs associated with mopping tasks, and 20% labor savings per day. an additional benefit is that microfiber mops use 95% less water and chemicals than traditional cotton mops! 

Another way to save on energy costs is to switch from night cleaning to day cleaning. Transition support is required in order to educate the tenants on the positive changes and to get their buy-in. After all, they will benefit from reduced CAM charges.   


#3 Recycling Pays

 Offering a recycling program in your facility not only saves the environment, but can reduce your trash expense. Certain programs (may be known as Commercial Material Purchase) will pay for recycled goods such as paper, ink and electronics. A collection box for electronics from tenants or visitors further facilitates the recycling.



*EPA Using Microfiber Mops in Hospitals 

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