3 Problems with Hiring a Family Friend for Janitorial Services

Are you considering hiring a family friend to clean your office and/or building?

In this article we will discuss 3 major problems faced when hiring a family friend to do your janitorial work. 

Here is a common scenario that happens more often than not:

You are the office manager or owner of an office space and you need janitorial work to be done several times per week. Coincidentally, you have a friend that owns a janitorial cleaning company and to support your friend, you ask him to clean your office space. Of course, he gives you a better rate because you’re friends and the work begins. 

Initially, this may work to the benefit of both parties, however, it may end up with a frustrated staff and loss of friendship.

Below are three problems to consider when hiring family friend to do janitorial work for your business:

#1 Reluctant to Present Minor Cleaning Problems/Issues

Minor problems are bound to happen, a missed trash here, a dusty window sill there and typically, you let the janitorial company know so it will not happen again. However, because your friend is doing the cleaning, you may let these minor issues go unattended, hoping the cleaning crew will take notice and fix the problems. This leads right into problem number 2. 

#2 Minor Problems Escalate Leading to a Frustrated StaffFrustrated_man_at_a_desk

Because you feel reluctant to present minor problems/issues to your friend regarding the cleaning, overall cleaning gets compromised. More and more “minor problems” start to occur, leading to a frustrated staff and a less than desirable work environment. Focusing on the cleaning rather than daily business activities can have a detrimental effect on your business. 

#3 Loss of Friendship 

Loss of friendship is ultimately the biggest problem associated with hiring a family friend to do your janitorial work. After a certain amount of time has transpired and cleaning issues are at an all-time high, the only solution is to let your friend go as your janitorial service provider. Granted, your friend may understand and your friendship may continue, or it may not. Resentment occurs and eventually, you lose your friend due to a conflict of interest.

It is important to evaluate every possible scenario when hiring a janitorial cleaning company; however, it is even more important to consider the pros and cons of hiring a friend to do business for you. 

Did these concerns help you? 

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