Part 2 of 2: 3 Steps to Ensure a Smooth Transition from One Commercial Cleaning Company to Another

Have you considered making a change with your building’s commercial cleaning service provider?

Are you ready to make the transition from one commercial cleaning company to another?

In this Part 2 of 2 (visit Part 1), we will discover 3 helpful steps to ensure a smooth transition from one commercial cleaning company to another. 


# 1 Select the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

There are plenty of commercial cleaning companies in business today so choosing the right company is crucial, not only for security reasons, but to avoid headaches and hassles later on down the road.3 tips to ensure a smooth transition from one commercial cleaning company to another

Here are some points to keep in mind when evaluating service providers:

  • What is their level of experience?
    • How many years have they serviced your area?
    • What types of buildings have they serviced (i.e. building square footage, type of buildings serviced such as medical, LEED certified, etc.)?
    • Do they have reputable references?
    • If applicable, do they offer specialized cleaning in their standard scope of work or is it an added cost (i.e. LEED-based cleaning)?
  • When you call or email to request a quote, do they return your e-mail or phone call promptly? 
  • Are they professional and knowledgeable over the phone or in-person?

Helpful tip: Creating a list of special requests or specific cleaning procedures during the research phase can help you determine if a particular company has what you are looking for.  


#2 Transition Support and Tools

Changing cleaning companies in a commercial property can be difficult, tedious and hectic if you don’t have the right support. Professional cleaning companies should offer some kind of support and/or tools to ensure the transition is smooth and transparent to the tenants.

Support and tools may include:

  • A full property walk-through prior to the start of cleaning in order to better understand the building’s design, target areas, restroom specifics, etc.
  • A walk-through of tenant spaces to document suite specifics. Preferably, this should be done alongside the Property Manager to ensure a smooth introduction while establishing trust with each tenant.  
  • Provide a start-up checklist that includes contact information and key procedures. 
  • Samples of any tools, logs or various forms of sample works so that you are familiar with the company’s documentation prior to start of service. 
  • If selected, the company should exchange all necessary accounting information early on to avoid complications later. 


#3 Maintenance and Quality Management

Ensuring that the company you are looking into will continue to be interested in the building’s well-being, take a look at their maintenance and quality management programs; a professional and reliable cleaning company should offer structured and consistent maintenance and quality management programs. These programs should be designed to maintain the property according to the building’s specifications and to manage/monitor the quality of the cleaning. However, this can be hard to gauge during the research phase of a new cleaning company, so here are some requests you can make early on. Transitioning from one commercial cleaning company to another south florida

Requests to ensure the company offers reliable maintenance and quality management programs:

  • Samples of quality management reports and if the report highlights small details.
  • Request the company’s specified dates and time frames when surveys are usually conducted (i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • Ask what is the normal response time to a problem/issue.


Did you find this article helpful? What challenges have you faced when making a transition?