What’s So Great About Microfiber Cloth?

The cleaning magic behind this green-friendly material


We’re obsessed with microfiber cloth, but a lot of our clients don’t really understand what makes this amazing material so special. That’s okay, we’re happy to explain all the neat stuff microfiber can do!

What is Microfiber Cloth?

Microfibers are an invention of the Space Age. In fact, the earliest research into creating microfiber started in the 1950s. They were used for multiple industrial applications. But the material didn’t make it into homes until the 1990s, with the Swedish leading the way. As microfiber caught on as an effective cleaning tool, its use spread like wildfire. Today, you can find microfiber in nearly every household, whether made into cleaning products or sportswear, among other things

The fibers themselves are pretty neat and are the basis for all the cleaning power in a microfiber towel. By definition, these little fibers have to measure less than one denier, or the equivalent of 1/100th the diameter of the average human hair. Add that to the fact that microfibers tend to be made from polyester and polyamide, fibers that are known for their ability to bind fats, and you’ve got a powerful fiber that can do some serious cleaning.

How Does Microfiber Cloth Clean Better?

Some of the cleaning power in microfiber products comes from the fibers themselves — they’re so tiny that it’s like having a brush with more bristles than any other brush you could choose for attacking a cleaning project. The rest comes from the construction of the microfibers themselves. The fibers aren’t like a cotton fiber, with individual twists and strings, but instead constructed in wedges around a central core, creating lots of extra pores.

Because of the fibers’ design and the fact that they’re packed in so tightly, it’s extremely efficient to collect water, dust and even bacteria in the tiny pores. A single pass over a dirty surface with a microfiber cloth may look much like the result of passing over it with a wet cotton cloth, but unlike the cotton cloth that will push dirt around and drop some as it’s being manipulated, the microfiber equivalent traps and holds dirt and bacteria tightly, removing them completely instead of just spreading them around.

Microfiber Cloth Cleans Powerfully

Although it may take a little time to get used to the smell of clean without any disinfectants or heavy perfumes, microfiber cloths can actually increase the cleanliness and sanitation of your home or office. Simple swipes across furniture, commonly handled items and popular hard seating surfaces can eliminate dirt, bacteria and other contaminants completely.

Yes, we are obsessed with microfiber!