Earth Day

Up Your Game For Earth Day


South Florida will celebrate Earth Day this Sunday, April 22nd, with a slew of preceding, weeklong activities. Don’t make this special week be just another day at the office. Instead, inspire engagement among your team and meet your facility’s sustainability goals, with these Earth Day team-building ideas.

Get Outdoors:

There’s nothing like being in the great outdoors to appreciate the value of conservation efforts. Consider organizing a company-wide clean-up, volunteering as a team at the various Earth Day events scheduled all month. The Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful organization will host many clean-ups this April across the county, targeting beaches and parks. Broward County Parks & Rec offers a packed calendar of volunteer days and educational hikes. Miami Dade County will also host major events this weekend, including the annual Baynanza Biscayne Bay clean-up.

Recycle Drives:

Encourage recycling habits both in and outside the workplace with a recycling drive. Consider hosting a clothing drive, where staff can bring in unwanted clothes and donate them to a charity. Many organizations, like Dress For Success and Fitted for Work, provide collection bags and pick-up service for donations. Another popular option is an “e-waste” drive, collecting old electronics so they can be safely disposed or recycled. When improperly disposed, electronic waste can emit toxic chemicals dangerous for the environment. Search here for electronic waste management programs near your ZIP code.

Launch an Eco-committee:

Let your staff enjoy an active role in your company’s green program by organizing an eco-committee. Be sure to pull committee members from diverse areas, and maintain a reasonable rotation. Ideally, this team would be made up of volunteers rather than appointed members, to ensure genuine investment in the group’s initiative. They can help provide guidance in setting both short- and long-term goals for the company, from improving energy efficiency to introducing green cleaning practices.