Solve that Mysterious Bad Smell once and for all

The office may seem clean, but the space will never feel clean if you’re plagued by unpleasant smells. However, the source of these bad scents may not be clear at first sniff. So we’ve tracked down the most overlooked suspects for these mysterious odors, so your workspace can both look and smell refreshed.

Trash Cans:

Yes, when it comes to noxious smells, trash cans prove the obvious culprit. However, bad odors may still linger on even if bins are emptied regularly. This could mean the unpleasant smells may come from the trash receptacle itself. Make sure these receptacles are cleaned regularly both inside and out. Depending on the situation, consider using odor control liners.

Floor Drains:

Is there a constant odor in your restroom, no matter how pristine and well-maintained it may be? The floor drains may be the most likely culprit. This occurs when the water traps, designed to block sewer/methane gases from venting upward, become too dry and cannot capture these toxic scents. Pouring water down the drain at least once per week will contain the odors. Also consider adding a bio-enzymatic product to break down bacteria.


Covering a wide surface area, office carpeting is a magnet for unpleasant smells. Excessive moisture from spills and high humidity only exacerbates this problem. To effectively remove these odors, consider the most thorough carpet cleaning using water extraction with hydrogen peroxide cleaning solutions. To tackle specific odors like mildew and food scents, consider adding a deodorizing agent.

Commercial Cleaners:

Yes, sometimes the solution can make the problem worse. Laced with strong fragrances and abrasive ingredients, many common commercial cleaners can contribute to poor air quality. Green cleaning agents offer a superior alternative, maintaining effectiveness without using harsh chemicals and artificial scents. When selecting products, look for ones certified by third-party green certification programs like Green Seal, EcoLogo, Safer Choice and GREENGUARD.