Are Your Restrooms As Clean As You Think They Are?


At one point or another, most people who visit or work in your office building end up using the restroom facilities.

From odors to papers to trash to supplies, it’s always obvious in both the men’s and women’s restrooms what’s being attended to – and what isn’t. And whether you like it or not, the fact is that those people will be quite observant and judgmental when it comes to seeing what’s clean, what’s well taken care of and what’s being properly maintained.

Why does cleanliness in the building restroom matter?

The “health” and appearance of your restroom is in fact reflective of the overall health and appearance of your company and the building itself.

Studies and experts alike have found that restrooms that aren’t adequately attended to can be representative of a much greater problem within the company or the entire building. In fact, issues in the restroom have been linked to these unwanted overall trends:

• Increased illness among employees and personnel
• Negative customer and visitor perception
• Wrong or negative reputation
• Negative employee morale, enthusiasm and dedication
• Decreased efficiency
• Potential for lost sales or business opportunities from people and companies who take note of these conditions

The best companies and facility managers care about the restrooms…a lot

Top facility managers make it a priority to hire the best janitorial and cleaning companies. They understand just how very important it is to stay on top of these highly visited areas.

When it comes to your restrooms, it’s important to remember that in addition to deep cleaning, there are certain aspects of restroom maintenance that need to be paid attention to not only daily, but sometimes several times daily with the assistance of a Day Porter or building personnel.

These must-check areas and “hot spots” include:

• Trash cans
• Dispensers for soap, paper towels and toilet paper
• Countertops, sinks, faucets, fixtures, locks and hinges
• Floors, especially in areas near the toilet/urinal or trash can
• Stalls and walls
• Sanitary product disposal containers
• Fixtures, air vents and lights

Restroom maintenance should not be a “DIY’ job

Whether you are a facility manager, a property manager or work in some other capacity in the management of a building, office or commercial property, it’s important to remember that the cleaning of the bathroom is not something you should – or can – take on yourself. The cleanliness of your public restrooms is something best left to the experts, those who have the best equipment, cleaning supplies and know-how to get the job done well.

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