Recycle Rescue

Optimize your recycling program with your cleaning provider

business-recycleWhen planning a sustainable program for your office, creating a recycling system is a key component. However, effective program requires research, preparation and upkeep. Working in partnership with your recycling provider, and with support from your cleaning contractor, positive results can be obtained.

What not to Waste

Every property’s recycling may require different handling – from heavy and bulky cardboard packaging, to paper towels. Is single stream recycling available or will your tenants need to separate their recycling in different bins for paper, plastic and glass? Does the vendor provide bins? Make sure the cleaning contractor understands the need for separating the wet trash from recycling in black and clear liners, respectively. Most importantly, remember that the recycling company will audit the recycling and trash, so following the program is of utmost importance.

A Helping Hand

Key to a successful recycling program is obtaining the agreement and the support of the building occupants. Following proven methods and using template materials from the recycling vendor foster the positive communication. Identifying leaders in individual offices or department in addition to providing incentives for successful results, always helps. Occupants sometimes identify opportunities to improve efficiencies based occupant habits. For example, are recycling bins accessible enough, or do participants have to go out of their way to recycle through a busy work day?

Keeping Tally

Recycling is more than just dividing plastics from paper, but the beginning of a wider sustainable culture for your facility. Keeping track of your progress fosters a greener culture. Check in with your cleaning contractor and ask about their observations on recycling habits. Are the occupants following the program? This provides valuable information about how effective your program is, as well as encourage participants with your success. Seeing recycling numbers rise may inspire more people to support other green initiatives.