Four Easy Ways To Transform Your Public Restroom Appeal

public restroomWhen judging a facility, the status of the public restroom can speak volumes. The condition of public restrooms run the gamut, from marbled, palatial spaces to harsh, fluorescent-lit stalls. However, you don’t need major renovations to enhance your restroom. With a few accessories and some simple changes in your cleaning routine, you can dramatically upgrade your restroom’s user experience. To inspire your next restroom transformation, we’ve collected some simple alterations you can adopt for your facility.

Deep clean

Regular maintenance is essential for a public restroom, but deep cleaning sessions also prove equally important. With more time, cleaners can tackle more labor-intensive issues, from scrubbing grout lines to remove the embedded dirt, to sealing the tile and grout. Be sure to schedule these deep cleaning sessions quarterly or semi-annually.

Go touchless

The anxiety many experience when using public restrooms stems from touching strange surfaces shared by many. You can reduce this necessary contact by installing touchless technology. The market offers various options for touchless toilets, touchless sink faucets, airflow hand dryers, and automatic dispensers for soap and paper towels. Together, these upgrades can dramatically improve user experience. Research shows 72 percent of consumers perceive a more hygienic environment in restrooms with automated touchless dispensers.

Stock up

Nothing feels more frustrating than running out of necessary items like toilet paper and soap just when you need them. Addressing these common issues will go far in improving user experience. So consider installing high-capacity dispensers for heavily used items like soaps, tissue papers, paper towels and hand sanitizers, many of which are available at no charge. New smart monitoring technology can help your team keep track of supplies based on the actual foot traffic.

Create a home-like feel

Though commercial restrooms are shared by many, they can feel far more welcoming with a few changes. Most of all, users desire a sense of privacy in these spaces. So simple tweaks like playing white noise or background music and installing floor-to-ceiling walls and doors for bathroom stalls, all help imply the perception of privacy. To preserve a refreshing atmosphere, ensure surfaces are regularly treated with non-toxic, plant-based deodorizing solutions to safely remove organic and inorganic malodors.