Preparing for Hurricane Season 2018

How to get ready for the storm, and recover from its aftermath

Hurricane Season 2018 has officially begun. Weather forecasts predict an average season, with up to 16 named storms and 9 hurricanes. But it just takes one direct hit to bring our community to a screeching halt. Quick recovery after a storm makes a major difference for your bottom line. Your cleaning process will become a crucial partner in this process. So check out our breakdown below on coordinating your preparation and recovery plan with your cleaning team.

Before the Storm:

 Prepare an emergency plan with your cleaning provider to decide preparation plans before a storm. This may include arranging timely trash removal, and storing exterior waste receptacles and cleaning supplies away from potential flooding areas. Also explore whether maintenance can help with boarding up doors and windows. Because your cleaning team knows best the condition of your building, they can also assist in accessing areas of danger, from a broken window to a leaky pipe.

A thorough detailed cleaning program will also help prevent damage. One must conduct regular drain maintenance to avoid system back-ups and flooding. Exterior-facing glass also proves vulnerable to storm damage, and needs close monitoring. Scratches, fractures, and built-up moisture may worsen in extreme conditions, if not attended to in its early stages.

After the Storm: 

Appoint a re-entry team to access damage, examining walls, roofs, windows, plumping and electric facilities to identify what needs cleaning and repair. Before beginning clean-up, confirm with your provider that they have enough safety supplies like gloves and masks for protection from contaminants. For severe flooding, you may need specialists, who can  coordinate with your cleaning provider on the recovery strategy. Power may also be unavailable at your facility, so consider exploring alternative energy sources for cleanup, so you can start the process as soon as possible.

If your building luckily avoided any damage, you may still require special care to return your facility to normal. When Hurricane Irma hit South Florida last year, prolonged power-cuts swept the regions, which left many buildings sealed up without air conditioning, creating prime conditions for mold and bacteria thanks to the uptick in humidity. So even if your property wasn’t compromised, conduct an overall cleaning and sanitation program, targeting flooring upholstery and wood. Remove and discard anything that was has for more than 24-48 hours.

How is your hurricane preparedness knowledge? Test your storm skills with this quiz.