Green is Good

green is goodHow green cleaning products reduce the bottom line

With toxins like corrosive lye and carcinogenic dyes lurking in conventional cleaners, the benefits of toxic-free cleaning products seem crystal clear. But did you know that buying green also proves good for efficiencies, particularly for commercial properties? Today’s green cleaning choices (certified by third party organizations, including Green Seal, EcoLogo, Safer Choice and GREENGUARD) prove very cost effective for large-scale cleaning programs.  Check out the many ways going green with your cleaning program can benefit your property from an efficiency perspective, improving your bottom line.

Double Duty

Because of their non-toxic formulas, many certified green cleaners have diverse applications. Dubbed “multiple-purpose” or “all-duty” cleaners, these solutions prove hardy enough to clean high-traffic areas, but safe enough to use in places where food may be present, such as kitchen counters. This removes the need to buy multiple products for different areas and for different functions.

Good to the Last Drop

Buying bulk has never been better. Green product doesn’t just boil down to what’s in the bottle. Cutting down on the plastic waste produced by cleaning products proves just as important in the green certification process. These green cleaning products have concentrated formulas and minimal packaging. This means that they last longer, reducing the need to restock supplies so regularly.

LEEDing in Clean

Using non-toxic products are a fundamental part of any green cleaning program. Buildings seeking the coveted LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification need them for approval. Besides being environmentally conscious, why is LEED certification so desirable? Many cities now offer cost-cutting LEED incentives for new and existing buildings, including zoning waivers to tax rebates. (Check out our blog on the South Florida cities working to attract more LEED certified construction and renovations).

So be sure to talk with your cleaning provider on the best green cleaning products for your health – and your wallet.