Meet your Earth Month Goals with Green Cleaning

Why eco-conscious cleaning products are key to your facility’s environmental goals

April is celebrated around the world as Earth Month, an annual call to action to protect our environment. This time of year is a reminder for facility managers that every effort can make a major difference. Green-centric cleaning can be an invaluable resource for achieving your sustainability goals. Here’s how eco-conscious cleaning can reduce your building’s environmental impact, while creating a healthier space for your occupants.

Reduce Potential Sources of Pollution

Conventional commercial cleaning is a major source of air and water pollution. Researchers found common products can release the same level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) levels as car exhausts. Meanwhile, ingredients with phosphates and nitrates contaminate water sources, leading to algae overproduction that robs marine wildlife of precious oxygen.

In contrast, third-party certified green products focus on environmentally-safe formulas that avoid these common pollution culprits. To accomplish this, they used equally effective alternative ingredients like bio-surfactants and bio-enzymatic cleaners for soil removal, or accelerated hydrogen peroxide for disinfection. Their biodegradable nature ensures minimal environmental impact.

Cut your Building’s Environmental Footprint

Eco-friendly cleaning also goes beyond the ingredient list. A green-centered approach can minimize your building’s overall environmental footprint by reducing waste and resource usage. Certified green cleaning products can use renewable, sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients instead of petroleum. More concentrated formulas allow for smaller containers, which cut down on transportation costs and plastic use. Products can also employ recycled and recyclable bulk packaging to reduce more plastic waste.

Green-centric cleaning methods also play a part in improving your environmental footprint. Swapping wipes for reusable microfiber cleaning cloths and dust mops reduces paper waste. In addition, water- and energy-efficient rated equipment helps conserve valuable resources.

Protect Occupant Well-being

Taking a green-centric approach to cleaning does not mean compromising health standards inside your building. In fact, occupant health often goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability. Certified green cleaning products and complementary cleaning methods help improve both by creating a safer and healthier workspace.

For example, many ingredients in conventional cleaning products that are harmful to the environment can also trigger health conditions. Common additions like ammonia, chlorine bleach, fragrances and dyes can affect those with asthma, allergies and skin sensitivities.