Electrostatic Sprayers Become Major Flu Fighter

electrostatic sprayerThis season the flu is spreading more than usual, and many companies report absenteeism is up. Of course, we all know the flu is contagious. You may catch the flu from other people (cough or sneeze) or by touching contaminated surfaces such as keyboards, mice, door knobs, refrigerator handles, coffee pots, office desks, faucets, light switches etc.

Normal cleaning can help avoid the spread of the flu, but when the flu is this viral, you need a true disinfection of all surfaces that may carry the flu; you need to kill the virus.

For 2018, SparkleTeam is offering the Clorox® Total 360®, electrostatic spraying system that can kill the flu virus from all surfaces in your office and help break the chain of infection. The machine also adds a positive charge to the disinfectant spray, which allows the solution to cling to surfaces for truly uniform coverage. The spray distribution also allows access to areas that are difficult to reach. After only two minutes of contact time, the flu virus is dead.This unique spray can also cover up to 18,000-square feet per hour, using up to 65 percent less product when compared with other conventional trigger sprays.

This new technology has become the “flu fighter” for public buildings, including school districts, across the country, due to its quick and effective disinfection. See this high-tech equipment in action here.