Earth Day Every Day

The South Florida guide 

Wondering how to honor Earth Day past this weekend? For a sustainable workplace year-round, check out our friendly guide on how to live and work greener every day.

Clean up
This weekend is packed full of opportunities to participate in community clean-ups. These events make ideal team-building exercise for companies. Miami will be celebrating the 35th annual Baynanza Clean-up. In addition, Palm Beach will also host their Great American Clean-Up across the county, with activities continuing throughout May. Your company’s commitments, however, need not end in April. Due to the great need, many community clean-up programs lasting yearlong throughout South Florida. Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties operate unique “Adopt a Park” programs. Miami, Broward and Palm Beach counties also all offer the popular “Adopt a Highway” option.

Home Base
Building sustainable communities is crucial, therefore any meaningful changes must start in our day-to-day lives, including the workplace. First of all, Earth Day is a friendly reminder to explore sustainable programs for your property management. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) marks the highest industry standard, but there are more accessible ways to boost your sustainability without a dramatic infrastructural overhaul. Examples include launching a recycling program, tracking energy consumption, and introducing green-friendly cleaning products.

Get Imaginative
Picking up trash at the beach isn’t the only way to contribute to community sustainability. In addition, consider challenging your team to explore other inventive ways to support greener practices. This can include diverse activities, from carpool challenges to e-waste clean-outs. To help guide the process, consider creating a team to lead the company’s eco-efforts. As a group, you can determine together where you can have the biggest impact.