First Two Cases of COVID-19 in Florida: How SparkleTeam is Preventing Infection

COVID-19 FloridaFlorida officials have reported the state’s first two cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 over the weekend. The two cases involve a resident in Hillsborough County and one in Manatee County. So far, the state has tested 23 people for the new coronavirus. They are also currently monitoring 184 people who may have been exposed. To date, no cases have been confirmed in the tri-county area of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

In response, Florida governor Rick DeSantis has ordered the surgeon general to declare a public health emergency. This includes launching containment protocols, including expanded hospital testing, and self-isolation for anyone returning from high-risk countries.

Preventing COVID-19

In preparation for such an outbreak in South Florida, SparkleTeam has already updated our cleaning protocols to provide additional preventative measures. As an added precaution, SparkleTeam is in the process of substituting our current hospital-grade surface disinfectants for others that are proven effective at killing the human coronavirus. Due to the newness of the virus, no cleaning efficacy protocols have been officially established by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). However, based on the known structure of all coronavirus strains, scientific experts believe that surface disinfectants already proven to kill other coronaviruses will also be effective against COVID-19.

For optimum effectiveness, SparkleTeam also uses disinfectants with a 60-second kill time. This means our disinfectants can kill bacteria and viruses present on the surface within that time frame. These surfaces are then wiped with microfiber cloths to remove the dead virus and bacteria, which cling to the superfine fibers.

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