Cleaning for the Holidays

Tips for a sustainable season

10575807_sThe end of the year marks a time for celebration, recognizing milestones and accomplishments. But it’s not too late to cross off that last 2016 New Year resolution – creating a sustainability program. Start the season fresh by exploring better eco-friendly practices. The holiday season provides many opportunities to go green. Check out these ideas below for a truly greener celebration.


Between the party punch, and the tinsel and glitter from decorations, a facility’s carpet suffers the most during the holidays. Your steam-cleaning regimen must take on the season’s influx of staining potential. However, many solutions on the market include harsh chemicals that could prove far more harmful than a little stray glitter. Take this opportunity  to discuss greener cleaning solutions with your provider. The absence of personnel during the holiday break provides a great opportunity for thorough scouring and maintenance. Be sure they use hydrogen peroxide cleaners that emit low volatile organic compounds (or VOCs), which provide a great alternative to traditional cleaning chemicals.


An office party tends to generate an uptick in trash production. This creates a great opportunity to introduce recycling to your facility’s waste management, as there are now so many recyclable party supplies available. Discuss with your provider how many receptacles are needed, as well as ideal locations for installing recycling areas. Also discuss what kind of trash you’ll likely to produce during the season. Will decorations also need to be disposed of after the holidays? Will parties produce more need for recycling?  Popular décor items such as Christmas trees and lights often require special handling.


A true holiday atmosphere demands some twinkling lights – which also means a whopping energy bill. Discuss with your maintenance provider about installing LED lighting options in well-traffic areas. If you already have LED lights installed, make sure all are checked and functioning properly for the season, to light up your festivities. When choosing decorative lights, consider the diverse range of LED options now on the market.