5 Tips for Choosing the Best Green Cleaning Service

As public awareness grows surrounding environmental issues, green cleaning programs are in high demand for facilities. However, not all green cleaning companies are made equal. Beware of providers who “greenwash” their services—those that use eco-friendly buzzwords, but fail to adhere to industry-recognized practices. When choosing a service, these are the top features to look for in an authentic green-cleaning provider.

Affordability: Providers guilty of “greenwashing” use these claims to increase fees, charging green services at a premium. However, new products and technology have made green cleaning competitively priced when compared to conventional practices. Instead look for specialized providers with established reputations in the green-cleaning industry.

Certifications: Several third-party organizations are recognized for establishing industry-wide green-cleaning standards, such as the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). They govern the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. Check if your potential provider has membership with such organizations, offering staff trained and certified under best practices.

Quality Supplies: Authentic green cleaning providers should only use products certified by third-party green programs like Green Seal, EcoLogo, Safer Choice and GREENGUARD. Many services also offer new technologies that can clean without the use of harsh chemicals, like electrostatic sprayers, liquid ozone machines, and cold water extraction vacuums.

Customizable Plans: Each facility poses unique challenges when establishing a green-cleaning program. An effective provider should be able to adapt their services to create a program that best suits your budget and sustainability goals.

Holistic Services: To get the best return on your investment, consider providers that take a holistic approach to creating environmentally-friendly and sustainable facilities. If you are applying for third-party green building certifications like LEED, look for cleaning companies that provide consultations to guide you through the process.