Demands on property managers to provide “green” solutions for their tenants have been growing.  Property managers need to both maintain their investments with quality services and keep their properties healthy, and do so quickly and efficiently for incoming tenants.

In order to help meet this demand, SparkleTeam offers their clients “green” LEED-based services. The green carpet cleaning methods we use meet the new challenges facing property managers today.

Offering property managers sustainable carpet cleaning solutions that will not harm carpets or their appearance sustains the life-cycle of your carpets and ultimately offers you an economic solution. Faced with the costs of frequent carpet replacement due to harmful chemicals, it is preferable to invest in sustaining your carpets instead of replacing them.

What cleaning method is currently in use and what chemicals are being employed?  Carpet encapsulation is an ideal solution in offices that require quick drying times, such as telemarketing centers.  With the encapsulation process carpets can stay cleaner and last longer. Encapsulation technology is a revolutionary process that suspends dirt, oil, and detergent residue.  Encapsulation chemicals surround each particle of dirt and crystallize it, so it repels other soil making the dirt particles rise to the surface of the carpet so that they are easily removed with normal vacuuming. As a result carpets stay cleaner because encapsulation does not leave behind a layer of sticky residue.  An environmentally friendly method of carpet cleaning, “green” encapsulation carpet cleaning products  contain no aquatic or oral toxins, are safe to use, and are among the most effective cleaning products on the market.  An added benefit is that green encapsulation carpet cleaners also contain stain resistors that provide superior protection from acid dyes commonly found in food and other items.

Cold water extraction methods can provide the same clean results a hot water, without the need for heat.  Preferred by some, this is an efficient way of cleaning carpets and using a Green Seal product, such as accelerated hydrogen peroxide.  An important question you should ask your cleaning company is, do the products your company uses meet the Green Seal™ standard for industrial and institutional cleaners?   Green Seal standards are based on reduced human and environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic compound content.

Utilizing LEED-based products that are Green Seal Certified, you can rest assured that these products will not contribute to poor indoor air quality, nor will they contribute to pollution, and tenants will not see an interruption in work due to allergic reactions to harsh cleaning chemicals.  These products are biodegradable, phosphate free and easily waste treatable.

So the next time you consider carpet cleaning procedures investigate LEED-based carpet cleaning.  The only “green” you will see is more money in your pockets.