3 Benefits of Implementing a Technology Driven Janitorial Provider

Are you interested in a real-time response from your janitorial provider?

In this article we will discuss 3 benefits of implementing a janitorial provider that utilizes technology in their day-to-day operations.

Not only does technology pressure companies to change and adapt, it also provides solutions. Janitorial service providers should be offering new technologies and methods that improve their quality of service and increase productivity. Wireless technology has improved the communication process and on-site follow up. 

#1 Real-Time Response

It is extremely beneficial for any Property Manager to rely on their janitorial service provider to respond to any service related issues in real-time. By utilizing smart mobile technology, the janitorial service provider can immediately respond to time sensitive issues, resulting in better efficiency and reliability.

#2 Historical Data Reporting of Issues, Concerns and Requests

Janitorial service providers that keep electronic records and utilize the information to increase efficiency, are less likely to repeat service related mistakes.  Proper utilization of account information is key for quick resolution and response.  

#3 Industry Software and Smart Mobile Technology

Janitorial service providers that invest in industry specific software that is integrated with smart mobile devices (i.e. iPad), have the ability to electronically conduct and communicate performance surveys while on premise. By combining industry specific software and smart mobile technology, communication is clear and concise, enabling any service related issues to be relayed to the necessary parties, immediately.



 Does your current janitorial provider use technology in their day-to-day operations?