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The Science behind the best green cleaning products

July 30, 2018 by  
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Science behind the best green cleaning products Finding green cleaning products prove easier than ever, thanks to today’s reliable third-party green certification programs like Green Seal, EcoLogo, Safer Choice and GREENGUARD – which evaluate and certify products to specific environmental standards as developed by each third party entity’s standards. But do you ever wonder what actually makes a green-certified product safer and effective? What potentially harmful ingredients do they leave Read more [...]

Creating Wellness at Work

Creating Wellness @ Work How to clean your way to a healthier office Today’s workplace feels primed for a wellness overhaul. Despite its celebrity trendiness, the wellness movement proves far more than super-fruit smoothies and 5-day cleansers. Instead, fostering wellness requires a closer examination of how our environment affects us. So for those living the 9-to-5 lifestyle, a healthy office becomes more important than ever. Fostering wellness at work need not become overwhelming with an effective Read more [...]

The Dark Side of Disinfectant

November 19, 2016 by  
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The Dark Side of Disinfectant Why moderation is key in sanitation There’s nothing like the sharp scent of commercial disinfectant to convey a sense of super clean. But can disinfectants do as much harm as good? Some products leave behind residue that includes volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These materials can seriously affect the skin, eyes and respiratory system. Research also suggests that excessive disinfection removes harmless bacteria that builds natural immunity, making us vulnerable Read more [...]