ST Franchising Systems, LLC
(d/b/a SparkleTeam)
7805 NW Beacon Square Blvd
Suite 205, Boca Raton, FL 33487.
Corporate & Administration: (561) 988-6119

This is the Data Collection and Privacy Policy for the SparkleTeam SE and SparkleTeam Quality Survey Apps.

  1. The only User Identifiable data entered by a User is the User Name and User Password issued to the User by SparkleTeam to enable the User to access the App.
  2. This App does not require, collect, retain, or share any personal or sensitive User information such as location, User name, User address, financial data, or device type, other than the User Name and User Password necessary to gain access to the App.
  3. This App does not require access to any data stored on the User’s device, such as contacts, phone books, or data files for the App to function.
  4. A User may grant the App a one-time access to the device’s camera or media storage location to allow a User to take a picture and attach it to a record on the App, and upload it to the App’s server.
  5. Data entered by a User never asks for or requires any personal User data.