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The Future of Green Cleaning Amidst COVID-19

The Future of Green Cleaning Amidst COVID-19 This past year facilities faced two major global pressures: the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 pandemic and the looming environmental crisis. From its inception, the U.S. Green Building Council has tackled these issues head on, becoming a leading champion for both public health and environmental concerns by providing industry-wide standards through its influential Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program. In the Read more [...]

Try These Easy Tips For Boosting Your Environmental Health

Now is a great time to reinvest in New Year health resolutions. A healthy lifestyle, however, means more than eating right and exercising. The surrounding environment can have a major impact on one’s well-being. This makes re-evaluating the environmental conditions of your facility crucial for supporting the health of your occupants. With this in mind, we’ve gathered our favorite tips to improving the environmental wellness of your building. Read more [...]

Do you have Sick Building Syndrome? 4 Simple Ways To Tell.

Do you have Sick Building Syndrome? Learn the symptoms, and find ways to improve your building's environmental health.  Persistent headaches, mysterious rashes, and constant allergy-like symptoms–these are common experiences for those suffering from Sick Building Syndrome. Often caused by poor indoor air quality, this may lead to chronic conditions among occupants, reducing work productivity and adversely affecting their health in the long run. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates Read more [...]

Why HEPA Vacuums are Essential for your Health

August 29, 2018 by  
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Why HEPA Vacuums are Essential for your Health Today’s HEPA filter vacuums are major tools for maintaining healthy commercials spaces, preserving higher indoor air quality. First developed to manage radioactive contamination for the Manhattan Project during World War II, this powerful filtering technology allows modern vacuums to absorb pollutants from surfaces more effectively than ever. To be considered HEPA grade (which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air), the filter must use layers Read more [...]

Keeping Cool and Clean for the Summer

Cool and Clean for the Summer From high temperatures to intense rain (sometimes on the same day), summer in South Florida can put extreme pressures on your facility. To maintain a clean and productive work environment, get your facility ready for the season with our handy cleaning and maintenance guide. Cool Clean:  The summer heat can put a strain on your air conditioning system to maintain the cool air indoors. Make sure your system is operating efficiently with a good cleaning. An air conditioning Read more [...]

Spring into Green Cleaning

March 22, 2018 by  
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Spring into Green Cleaning Spring has sprung, and there’s no better time to explore ways to revamp your facility with a cleaner, greener outlook. There is no need, however, for a dramatic overhaul. Creating a safer and more efficient space takes less effort than you think, with some product swaps and a targeted cleaning plan. Deep Dive Though regular cleaning is important for successful maintenance, now is a good time for a thorough scrubbing. Opt now for an anti-mildew carpet extraction and Read more [...]

Going Green in Style

November 13, 2017 by  
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Going Green in Style Best materials for a cleaner, eco-friendly facility Craving a “green” makeover? Creating a more eco-friendly, clean facility may not require a complete overhaul. Today’s market is full of non-toxic and sustainable materials that can greatly improve maintenance with some simple swaps. Consider our cheat sheet below for your own sustainable transformation. Fresh Coat: Choosing the right paint goes far beyond finding the perfect shade for that statement wall. Many paint Read more [...]