New Year, New Drain

green drainStart 2016 down the right path (clog-free) with Green Drain

Getting your New Year’s resolutions in order? You can check one major hurdle off the list – preventing disastrous (and smelly) plumbing back-ups and flooding – with the eco-friendly Green Drain. Here are three reasons why Green Drain is the perfect way to start the new year on a fresh note.

Good to be Green
To prevent clogging, conventional commercial drains often require an onslaught of wasteful flushing and nasty chemicals (with noxious fumes) – an approach that’s both bad for the environment and for your utilities budget.

Thanks to its silicon skirt and one-way valve, the Green Drain allows for easy flow of liquids with no back-ups. Once water goes down, there’s no way back, which mean less chance of blockage and consistent drainage, even under low water pressure. Adaptable for any commercial drain you can think of (floor drains, bathroom drains and water heater drains), the Green Drain’s designed durability also mean years of chemical-free maintenance and serious water conservation.

Bugs Beware
There’s a lot more than itsy bitsy spiders than can crawl up your pipes. In the black abyss below your drain lies a potential breeding ground for insects, from bacteria-carrying cockroaches to sewer flies. This is often due to the mediating floor drain, the initial network of pathways leading to the sewage system. Their dark, moist environs make the perfect larvae breeding ground.

But the Green Drain’s silicon flaps also block any pests that may find its way into your pipe system. So no matter what situation your local sewage drainage is in, your property can stay insect-free.

Sweet Finish
Ever wonder why so many commercial drains reek, whether it’s the floor drain on the factory floor or in your office bathroom? That pesky floor drain is also to blame for the awful smells that can sneak up to the surface. Floor drains are built with water traps that capture smelly methane gases and other chemical vapors from venting upward. But this trap can also dry out, letting toxic odors travel up the piping into the air.

Fortunately, the Green Drain’s one-way valve blocks bad fumes from creeping upward, just as it maintains easy water flow downwards. The silicon flaps also help stop harmful bacteria and hazardous sewer gases from leaking through. Various sizes are available to ensure a good fit.

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