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Why are prices are so high right now in the cleaning industry?

Why are prices are so high right now in the cleaning industry? Whether at the gas pump or the supermarket, have you been suffering from sticker shock recently? From computer microchips to cereal, prices are rising across the board for both commercial and retail consumers, affecting a multitude of products. A recent report from the Labor Department says consumer prices rose 5% for the 12-month period ending in May. This marks the sharpest increase recorded since August 2008 during the Great Recession. The Read more [...]

How To Create Healthier Offices for Employees Post COVID-19

How To Create Healthier Offices for Employees Post COVID-19 As vaccination rates increase across the country, businesses are preparing to return their teams to the office. In many fields, working together in the same space can produce powerful benefits, including encouraging collaboration and innovation. Recent surveys, however, suggest major hesitancy among American employees. One survey found only 22% of workers feel positive about returning to the workplace. This anxiety is understandable, as Read more [...]

What is Disinfection Anyways? Germs Post COVID-19

What is Disinfection Anyways? Germs Post COVID-19 Following the COVID-19 outbreak, disinfection has become a key buzzword in public health, providing assurance for safety in shared spaces. But what exactly is disinfection, and how is it different from regular cleaning? And what does effective disinfection entail? We break down the science behind the disinfection process, and how to assess whether your own disinfection methods are really making a difference. Cleaning vs. sanitizing vs. disinfecting: Not Read more [...]

First Two Cases of COVID-19 in Florida: How SparkleTeam is Preventing Infection

First Two Cases of COVID-19 in Florida: How SparkleTeam is Preventing Infection Florida officials have reported the state's first two cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 over the weekend. The two cases involve a resident in Hillsborough County and one in Manatee County. So far, the state has tested 23 people for the new coronavirus. They are also currently monitoring 184 people who may have been exposed. To date, no cases have been confirmed in the tri-county area of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Read more [...]

Miami Beach goes for LEED Gold

May 16, 2016 by  
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Miami Beach goes for LEED Gold City launches LEED requirements for new construction Celebrated for its iconic art deco style, the City of Miami Beach gets set to launch a new trend in South Florida architecture – LEED certified construction. The city takes the boldest stride yet in South Florida’s municipal LEED programs. They now require all new construction over 7,000 square feet (both public and private) be certified at the LEED Gold-level. New projects without any certification must Read more [...]

Is Your Commercial Flooring Maintenance Free?

Concrete is widely recognized as a sustainable commercial flooring option, and decorative polished concrete has grown in popularity in the past few years for several reasons. As a sustainable flooring option, since it can be cleaned mechanically without the use of chemicals, polished concrete allows a property manager of a LEED certified building to obtain LEED credits when this method of cleaning is used. Polished concrete is also durable, it is pleasantly attractive with a high degree of reflectivity Read more [...]

Signs It’s Time For A New Cleaning Service

Three Signs It Might Be Time For A New Cleaning Service Do any of these scenarios sound at all familiar?  --> Your current cleaning service may leave a lot of be desired, but you feel that looking for a new cleaning services will take a lot of time and attention that you just can’t afford to spend. --> Perhaps your current service is doing a mediocre job, and it seems to be going through the motions… dust is building up on the top of the file cabinets and you’re certain the crumbs Read more [...]

Preventing Slip and Falls In Your Building

Preventing Slip and Falls In Your Building Cleaning a professional building or office is about more than just removing contaminates and providing a germ-free environment. When it comes to preventing slip and falls, attention and precautions are so important. Effective cleaning contributes to one of Property Management’s goals, which is to ensure that the floors are made safe for visitors. Sometimes, as we all know, saying and doing this are two different things, so we’ve put together this Read more [...]

Are Your Restrooms Actually Clean?

Are Your Restrooms As Clean As You Think They Are? At one point or another, most people who visit or work in your office building end up using the restroom facilities. From odors to papers to trash to supplies, it’s always obvious in both the men’s and women’s restrooms what’s being attended to – and what isn’t. And whether you like it or not, the fact is that those people will be quite observant and judgmental when it comes to seeing what’s clean, what’s well taken care of and Read more [...]

CRE-Sources Commercial Real Estate Market Insights

South Florida Commercial Real Estate Top Professionals Sources and information are contributed by CRE•Sources South Florida. The original article can be read here. For more information on CRE•Sources South Florida please email or call 954.880.1150. Interested in knowing how South Florida's commercial real estate market is turning? Are you wondering if the market is changing for the better or for the worse? Listed below are market insights from leaders in the commercial Read more [...]

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