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Try These Easy Tips For Boosting Your Environmental Health

Now is a great time to reinvest in New Year health resolutions. A healthy lifestyle, however, means more than eating right and exercising. The surrounding environment can have a major impact on one’s well-being. This makes re-evaluating the environmental conditions of your facility crucial for supporting the health of your occupants. With this in mind, we’ve gathered our favorite tips to improving the environmental wellness of your building. Read more [...]

Have a Flu-Free Holiday Party This Season

December 20, 2019 by  
Filed under Blog, Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Have a Flu-Free Holiday Party This Season The holidays mark the perfect time to pause from daily routines to celebrate the end of the year in each other’s company. However, these festivities usually fall at the height of the flu season—certainly an unwelcome guest at any party. Whether you’re hosting a small get-together at home, or a big celebration at work, try these easy germ-prevention tips to make sure the flu stays uninvited.  Healthy Surfaces: The flu virus can survive on common Read more [...]

Have an Eco-Friendly Holiday Season With These Party Tips

November 27, 2019 by  
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Have an Eco-Friendly Holiday Season Filled with office parties and cocktail hours, the holidays are usually a time of excess—as well as excessive waste. For those resolved to end 2019 on a greener note, we’ve gathered our top eco-friendly holiday tips for organizing a more sustainable, eco-conscious celebration at work. Naughty or Nice: From plastic decorations, glitter, garlands, to tableware, the holidays are full of disposable single-use items, which are often not recyclable. Instead, Read more [...]

Survive The Great Recycling Crisis With These Recycle Tips

October 25, 2019 by  
Filed under Blog, Cleaning Tips and Tricks, Green and Sustainable

Survive The Great Recycling Crisis With These Recycle Tips Have you ever wondered what happens to your recycling after it’s carted away? You may not know it, but there has been a quiet crisis brewing in that iconic blue bin since January 2018. This is when China officially stopped importing foreign recyclables. The reason—too many of these materials proved unrecyclable. This has dramatically disrupted the recycling industry in America, which previously exported 40 percent of the nation’s recyclables Read more [...]

Four Easy Ways To Transform Your Public Restroom Appeal

Four Easy Ways To Transform Your Public Restroom Appeal When judging a facility, the status of the public restroom can speak volumes. The condition of public restrooms run the gamut, from marbled, palatial spaces to harsh, fluorescent-lit stalls. However, you don’t need major renovations to enhance your restroom. With a few accessories and some simple changes in your cleaning routine, you can dramatically upgrade your restroom’s user experience. To inspire your next restroom transformation, Read more [...]

The New Cleaning Technology Transforming Your Office

The New Cleaning Technology Transforming Your Office Innovation isn’t just for Silicon Valley anymore. Faced with growing environmental challenges and expanding development, the cleaning industry has turned to technology for solutions. These new tools and equipments are doing more than just cleaning up everyday grit and grime. They are also targeting major health issues, from indoor air quality to the flu virus. With this in mind, explore the new generation of tech promising cleaner, healthier Read more [...]

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Green Cleaning Service

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Green Cleaning Service As public awareness grows surrounding environmental issues, green cleaning programs are in high demand for facilities. However, not all green cleaning companies are made equal. Beware of providers who “greenwash” their services—those that use eco-friendly buzzwords, but fail to adhere to industry-recognized practices. When choosing a service, these are the top features to look for in an authentic green-cleaning provider. Affordability: Providers Read more [...]

How to Enjoy a Non-Toxic, Allergy-Free Summer Vacation

How to Enjoy a Non-Toxic, Allergy-Free Summer Vacation The summer vacation season is officially here, but your travel plans may have been clouded by recent viral reports of unexplained illnesses by tourists. These stories serve as an important reminder regarding potential toxin exposure for vacationers, regardless of where you travel. While locals can build a tolerance, newcomers can prove more sensitive to everyday environmental agents, from the pollen of indiginous plants, to chemicals in cleaners Read more [...]

Get Your Facility Ready For Hurricane Season 2019

May 22, 2019 by  
Filed under Blog, Commercial Cleaning Industry

Getting Ready For Hurricane Season 2019 The official hurricane season begins June 1, but storms have already begun with the recent appearance of Andrea, the first named storm of 2019. Forecasters predict an above-normal season with five to seven potential hurricanes. Even more reason to get your facility ready this season with our pre-storm safety plan, including cleaning tips, storage recommendations and emergency resources. Assess for Risk: Before establishing a holistic hurricane plan, first Read more [...]

Our Green Guide To Troubleshooting Your Carpet Stains

Troubleshooting Your Carpet Stains No matter how much you vacuum, a carpet will never feel clean when it has a stain. Regular carpet maintenance and immediate spot cleaning is crucial for keeping those testy stains at bay. But how you approach a stain makes all the difference for successful removal. So start your carpet treatments on good footing with these tried-and-true solutions. Identify whether it’s a spot or a stain Yes, there is a difference. A spot simply indicates an additional substance, Read more [...]

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