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A Safer (Greener) Holiday Kitchen

A Safer (Greener) Holiday Kitchen The office kitchen can be a festive space this time of year, as a space to share food and prepare for staff celebrations. However, this party spirit may create a greater demand on your green cleaning program. Prepare for the holiday season with your cleaning providers with these safety and eco-conscious tips below. Safer Surfaces Common commercial chemicals used to clean surfaces can be dangerous when used around food. From a safety standpoint, using greener Read more [...]

Bathroom Beautiful

Bathroom Beautiful: Protecting the first line of defense this flu season From bright fixtures to gleaming floors, there’s nothing like a sparkling bathroom. The mere appearance of cleanliness, however, may not be enough. Maintaining a healthy environment should be the top priority. During this flu season, optimize your commercial bathroom for the wellbeing of its users with these fresh ideas below. Design in Mind: Often a clean bathroom starts at the design phase, focusing on choices that Read more [...]

Is your Dust Dangerous?

Is your Dust Dangerous? New research shows everyday dust could hide serious health concerns Whether clouding windows or tucked between computer keyboards, dust remains a constant challenge for any cleaning program. But does dust prove more than just an unsightly annoyance? New research by the Milken Institute School of Public Health says that toxic chemicals could be lurking in everyday dust. These materials in particular may pose carcinogenic health risks for young children. So what makes Read more [...]

Green is Good

Green is Good How green cleaning products reduce the bottom line With toxins like corrosive lye and carcinogenic dyes lurking in conventional cleaners, the benefits of toxic-free cleaning products seem crystal clear. But did you know that buying green also proves good for efficiencies, particularly for commercial properties? Today’s green cleaning choices (certified by third party organizations, including Green Seal, EcoLogo, Safer Choice and GREENGUARD) prove very cost effective for large-scale Read more [...]

Is Your Commercial Flooring Maintenance Free?

Concrete is widely recognized as a sustainable commercial flooring option, and decorative polished concrete has grown in popularity in the past few years for several reasons. As a sustainable flooring option, since it can be cleaned mechanically without the use of chemicals, polished concrete allows a property manager of a LEED certified building to obtain LEED credits when this method of cleaning is used. Polished concrete is also durable, it is pleasantly attractive with a high degree of reflectivity Read more [...]

Are you seeing “Green?”

Demands on property managers to provide “green” solutions for their tenants have been growing.  Property managers need to both maintain their investments with quality services and keep their properties healthy, and do so quickly and efficiently for incoming tenants. In order to help meet this demand, SparkleTeam offers their clients “green” LEED-based services. The green carpet cleaning methods we use meet the new challenges facing property managers today. Offering property managers Read more [...]

Is It Time to Consider A New Cleaning Service?

Is It Time to Consider A New Cleaning Service? We speak with many property managers who are not happy with their current cleaning service, and we know there is a lot of dissatisfaction out there: “I want happier tenants,” they say. “We want a service that pays more attention to us.” “I don’t want to deal with cleaning complaints – I just want them addressed and eliminated.” “Why doesn’t our service perform the inspections they promised us?” “If we are going to make Read more [...]

Signs It’s Time For A New Cleaning Service

Three Signs It Might Be Time For A New Cleaning Service Do any of these scenarios sound at all familiar?  --> Your current cleaning service may leave a lot of be desired, but you feel that looking for a new cleaning services will take a lot of time and attention that you just can’t afford to spend. --> Perhaps your current service is doing a mediocre job, and it seems to be going through the motions… dust is building up on the top of the file cabinets and you’re certain the crumbs Read more [...]

Preventing Slip and Falls In Your Building

Preventing Slip and Falls In Your Building Cleaning a professional building or office is about more than just removing contaminates and providing a germ-free environment. When it comes to preventing slip and falls, attention and precautions are so important. Effective cleaning contributes to one of Property Management’s goals, which is to ensure that the floors are made safe for visitors. Sometimes, as we all know, saying and doing this are two different things, so we’ve put together this Read more [...]

What’s So Great About Microfiber?

What’s So Great About Microfiber? We’re obsessed with microfiber, but a lot of our clients don’t really understand what makes this amazing material so special. That’s okay, we’re happy to explain all the neat stuff microfiber can do! What is Microfiber? Microfibers are an invention of the space age -- in fact, the earliest research into creating microfiber started in the 1950s. They were used for multiple industrial applications, but didn’t make it into homes until the 1990s, with Read more [...]

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