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Common Floor Drain Problems and Solutions

Are you experiencing problems with your current floor drain such as foul odors, insects and/or back-ups?

Does it seem that no matter how much water or chemicals you pour down the drain, the foul smell still permeates upward?

In this article we will discuss some common problems associated with floor drains and their solutions. 

Problems with floor drains such as back flow, insects and foul odorsHave you ever walked into a public restroom or a restroom in an office building and were hit with a strong unpleasant odor? You may have assumed that the cleaning wasn’t up to par, but this may not be the case. In many scenarios, the culprit for the foul smell and even insects, is that black holed abyss that is known as the floor drain. Typically unnoticed, floor drains are found in many places such as commercial restrooms and industrial spaces, near and around water heaters, basements, kitchens, and/or laundry rooms. Let’s uncover the concerns that are commonly associated with floor drains, provide current, traditional solutions and explore new inexpensive and effective solutions to these problems. 



#1 “EWW! What’s that foul odor coming from the floor drain and how do I get rid of it?!”

Plumbing issues are the number one culprit! Why? Floor drains are built with a trap that is designed to be filled with water in order to block sewer/methane gases from venting upward. Whether the drain has a pitch or a p trap, this trap can dry out allowing sewer odors to travel back up the piping into the air we breathe, and smell. 

Common Solutions:

  • Pouring water down the floor drain regularly to keep the trap from drying. 
  • Pouring an enzymatic chemical down the floor drain that eats bacteria on a regular basis to control the smell of sewer gases. 

#2 Flying, crawling and slithering into our domain 

pouring chemicals down a drainYes that’s right; cockroaches, flies, moth flies (also known as sewer flies) and other crawly things can creep up floor drains.  Floor drains lead into the sewer system allowing eco-systems to develop.  This is especially true when the floor drains are dry.  However, even when floor drains are damp or even moist, they can become a breeding ground for insect larvae, which allows insects to easily craw or fly their way up the piping into the open air. 

Common Solution:

  • Pour expensive chemicals down the floor drains to eliminate the organic material that may grow on the inside of piping. 

#3 “Back-ups, back-ups!” 

If you’ve ever experienced an over-flooded floor drain, you probably know how important it is to prevent it from ever happening again. Back-ups typically happen when there is a blockage somewhere along the piping.  In addition, back-ups can be caused from food/excess paper/debris being poured down a drain, i.e. sinks and toilets, which can result in a back-up.  Although popular, low-flow toilets are more susceptible to back-ups, simply because they provide less water and pressure.

Common Solutions:

  • Try to contain materials thrown into toilets and sinks (signs are helpful).
  • Contract a professional plumber to maintain the main drains by performing an annual clean-out of the drains, utilizing jetting equipment for water injection. 

How can you minimize these plumbing/floor drain issues on an on-going basis, reducing or even eliminating sewer gas exposure, chemical expenditures and plumbing bills? 

The Solution: The Green Drain

Green Drain for floor drain problems2

That’s right, thanks to the Green Drain, all of these nasty floor drain problems can easily be avoided! Here’s how and why Green Drains are effective:

  • Placed inside the piping underneath the metal grate, the one-way valve restricts access to the piping below.
  • The one way valve prohibits sewer gases from rising, as the silicon skirts do not let them pass, thereby eliminating sewer gases.
  • The silicon skirts block insects from entering through the drain, providing a pest-free environment.
  • The strong silicon skirts can prevent flood damage.  In the event of a back-up, they will restrict the severity of the flooding.
  • This chemical-free solution lasts several years, providing a green solution
  • Available in three sizes (2, 3 and 4 inches); Green Drains provide an effective solution at a reasonable price ($29-$34 each).Green Drain for floor drain problems variety2

For additional information or to order Green Drains, please visit



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