Cool and Clean for the Summer

summerFrom high temperatures to intense rain (sometimes on the same day), summer in South Florida can put extreme pressures on your facility. To maintain a clean and productive work environment, get your facility ready for the season with our handy cleaning and maintenance guide.

Cool Clean: 
The summer heat can put a strain on your air conditioning system to maintain the cool air indoors. Make sure your system is operating efficiently with a good cleaning. An air conditioning system collects dust, mold and other materials that can reduce its performance while introducing harmful allergens. To prevent this, be sure vents are maintained, and consider regular A/C coil cleaning. The improved performance not only keeps you cool, but helps reduce energy expenses as the heat increases.

Bugs at Bay: 
Summer’s rainy season in South Florida also marks a spike in insects, particularly mosquitos. Keep bugs at bay from your facility by sealing up vulnerable spots where they can get in, like cracked sealants around windows and doors. Be sure to eliminate breeding grounds by removing standing water and treating open water sources like fountains. Drains also are a crucial hot zone for insect defense. To prevent insects from crawling up pipes into your facility, install special systems like the Green Drain, which maintains water-flow while blocking bugs.

Rainy Day: 
The season’s heavy downpours can be hard on your flooring, as people track in wet umbrellas and muddy shoes. To reduce the mess, place interior mats at entrances and exits to trap the excess water and debris, and add additional protection for your flooring. If you have moisture-sensitive flooring like carpet or wood, also consider placing mats at high-traffic transitional areas like walkways, stairs and elevators. Mats made from microfiber and polypropylene (olefin) blends are particularly great at moisture retention.