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Light Maintenance & Repair

Let the Pros at SparkleTeam Take Care of It!

SparkleTeam is your trusted, out-sourced LMR (Light Maintenance and Repair) provider by offering reliable, insured, and qualified maintenance staff. Lower your property maintenance costs and only pay for support if and when you need it!

Our programs allow for more predictable budgeting for maintenance and repair expenses.

SparkleTeam offers two types of service for M&R (Maintenance & Repair Service):

SparkleFLEX SparkleFIX

A pre-paid service agreement for a block of LMR work you already know you’re going to need.

Benefits of SparkleFLEX

  • Predictable support costs (have a set financial and time cap for repairs)
  • SparkleTeam technicians are on site within a matter of hours
  • You know the cost for the work you need in advance

Hire a technician for an hour, a day or a week. With SparkleFIX you select the time,
the date and the duration that you need a skilled LMR technician at your property.

Benefits of SparkleFIX

  • Competitively priced
  • Allows you to better plan your LMR according to the work, time and date
  • Fully customized by you

Services LMR includes:

maintaining building services, commercial maintenance and repairs

  • Carpentry
  • Painting
  • Property ‘walk through’ reporting
  • General maintenance and repair that does not require a permit or a license
  • Equipment Monitoring and Testing

The Benefits of Using SparkleTeam’s LMR:

  • Quality Workmanship: Our LMR technicians are able to perform a wide array of light maintenance and repair issues for your property.
  • Less Worry: SparkleTeam is your trusted outsourced LMR option, providing a reliable, insured and consistent level of support by qualified LMR technicians.
  • Expedited Dispatch: Quick and efficient response.
  • Lower Property Maintenance Costs: On-property LMR support when you need it without adding it to your payroll; of course buying services in advance is less expensive than having to respond to a crisis situation. 
  • No Sales Tax Due: By preparing your service agreement in advance, you save the 6% sales tax on the labor portion of LMR jobs that require parts!
  • Roll-Over Benefits: If you buy more hours than needed, we will roll them over for you to a new plan of equal or higher value.
  • Predictable Expenditures: With either service, SparkleFLEX or SparkleFIX, you know in advance what your LMR support expenses will be which helps you plan your cash-flow more efficently. 
  • No Trip or Travel Charges: There are no separate trip or mileage charges to come to your property.
  • No Hidden Fees or Charges: There are no ‘hidden’ fees or other surcharges. We invoice in 30-minute increments (rather than hourly increments) for time spent on-site.

To learn more about our Maintenance and Repairs Service, contact us!