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LEED-Based Green Cleaning Program for Janitorial Services

SparkleTeam LEED-Based Janitorial Cleaning Services for Businesses in South Florida

Providing the most technologically advanced green products and highly innovative sustainable practices to every building or property we service is SparkleTeam’s core focus. 

SparkleTeam’s LEED-Based Green Cleaning Program includes the use of the following products and practices:

  • Use of micro-fiber tools to capture and remove dirt, germs and bacteria from surfaces and to prevent cross-contamination.  
  • Training and supervision of SparkleTeam crews in the use of environmentally preferred products and sustainable practices. 
  • Utilization of CRI labeled vacuums with HEPA filters to improve IAQ (indoor air quality). 
  • Use of environmentally preferred & third party certified products such as Green Seal, EcoLogo, DfE, and GREENGUARD. 
  • Monitor compliance and efficiency through monthly site surveys (see below). 

SparkleTeam has been providing business cleaning services to the South Florida area for over 10 years and is considered the leader in green and sustainable commercial building services. One of the many benefits of implementing SparkleTeam’s LEED-Based Green Cleaning Program in your building is improved indoor air quality which provides a healthier, safer and more enjoyable place to work and visit. 


Superior Business Cleaning Services for the Same Cost as a 
Traditional Janitorial Cleaning Service in Fort Lauderdale


SparkleTeam Quality Management and Customer Support for Janitorial and Business Cleaning Services

Technology Driven Support for Janitorial Cleaning Services for Fort Lauderdale

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop worrying about the cleaning? At SparkleTeam, we have the tools and experience to give you the support you’ve been waiting for.  

Prior to the start of service, SparkleTeam Quality Management will work with you to specify your cleaning and building maintenance requirements. Quality Management then conducts monthly inspections to ensure that your property is being maintained and cleaned accordingly. We also offer you the option to periodically survey tenants to ensure satisfaction of every occupant. 

Site Survey Reports, as shown on left, are industry leading and created utilizing SparkleTeam’s proprietary quality management software. Site Survey Reports are automatically generated on-site and immediately sent to the Property Manager, SparkleTeam Customer Service, and the Service Provider for follow up. 

How does this benefit you? By having “eyes and ears” on the property along with a detailed analysis which you can share with others at the click of a button.


Security and Safety for Business Cleaning ServicesBusiness Cleaning Services Safety and Security

We understand the importance and necessity of having a trustworthy cleaning company in your building or property. Therefore, SparkleTeam uses a variety of tools for higher standards of security and safety such as:

  • Tools that are designed to ensure locks are secured and alarms are set, if applicable
  • Background checks and screening
  • Adherence to OSHA Standards
  • MSDS (material safety data sheets) in every janitor’s closets for every product used on-site
  • Caution signage for proper floor maintenance 


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